7 Things You've Been Dying to Know About YouTube Sensation Vivian V

Fashion and beauty babe Vivian V is hands down one of our favorite ladies on YouTube these days.

It's a no-brainer why she has more than one million subscribers to her channel. Besides always looking amazing, we also discovered that she's a total sweetheart.

Find out everything you've been dying to know about her below!


(Photo Credit: @Victorialemosphotography)

Name: Vivian Vo-Farmer

Birthplace: Washington

Birthday: March 16

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Fun Facts:

1. We already know she has incredible style, but her favorite things to wear at the moment are bralettes. "Whether worn by themselves or layered under tops, they come in so many pretty designs and are so easy to pair with other pieces," she told Sweety High. Her pairing of one with overalls is major #stylegoals.

2. Ask her to order a Starbucks drink and she would get a white chocolate mocha Frappuccino with caramel drizzle.

3. Her Corgi Jasper always makes her smile. "He is the cutest thing with his short little legs and goofy expressions," she said.  "He's always doing something hilarious!"

swinging with my little baby fox ❤️

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4. She's totally into beauty and clothes, but we found out she was a little sportier growing up. She used to dance and play softball.

5. She's obsessed with Disney movies, particularly Lilo & Stitch. She loves watching them with her younger siblings and admitted she's "a sucker for cute animated movies." It looks like she also loves hitting up Disneyland occasionally, too. Who can blame her? ????

Disneyland!! ????

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6. She secretly has a crush on Branch from Trolls, but "mainly because Justin Timberlake does his voice," she said.

7. Within her lifetime, she just knows she has to travel the world. It looks like she's off to a great start already!

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