Everything You Wanted to Know About VOILÀ's Luke Eisner and Gus Ross

Emmy-nominated pop-rock duo VOILÀ consists of singer-songwriter and Tall Girl actor Like Eisner and English artist and producer Gus Ross, and together, their musical chemistry is undeniable.

VOILÀ released their debut album, Happy Never After, last October, showcasing the brand's stellar production, relatable lyricism and unforgettable vocals, and their sophomore album is already in the works. Its first single, "Girls Don't Come With Instructions," dropped last week, creating a playful pop-rock jam about wishing that dating came with an instruction manual, and we cannot stop listening. If you're the same, keep scrolling to discover everything Luke and Gus shared with us about themselves as our latest Man Crush Mondays.

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Name: Luke Nicholas Eisner

Hometown: Greendale, Wisconsin

Birthday: August 1

Zodiac sign: Leo



Name: Gustav Alexander Crawley Ross Skinner

Hometown: Dorchester, Dorset, England.

Birthday: November 4

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

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Fun Facts:

1. We told Luke to "share a boring fact about yourself," and he provided.

"'Yourself' is the second-person reflexive pronoun in the English language. Yourself is used when the object of a verb or preposition refers to the same person as the subject of the verb. Is that boring enough?"

-Luke Eisner

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2. If Gus could pick anyone from history to be his mentor, it would have to be someone who could help him take his thinking to the next level.

"I would go for one of the classic philosophers ordinarily because I'm obsessed with taking care of our minds, but right now, I'm on a Sadhguru kick and can't stop listening to his talks and teachings, so having him as my mentor would be beyond belief. He's definitely beyond this realm, that's for sure."

-Gus Ross


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3. Luke has a massive respect for his parents.

"At the risk of sounding cliché, my father and mother are my biggest inspirations. No one ever heard my dad complain. Even during his losing battle to cancer, he never complained once. My mother is the most selfless person I know! I've quite literally seen her give the shirt off her own back to help a stranger. If I can turn out to be a 10th of the people they are, I would be the luckiest guy alive!"

-Luke Eisner

4. Gus couldn't live without the Voice Notes app on his phone.

"Cliché, but it's a no-brainer because when inspiration strikes in the middle of the night, if you don't wake up there and then and voice memo it, your biggest songs will be lost forever. Talk about crucial. But also podcasts and Audible!"

-Gus Ross

5. The No. 1 thing on Luke's bucket list is being on Sesame Street, whether he appears in person or just writes a skit or song for the show.

"That was a dream my dad and I had, and I promised him I'd see it through!"

-Luke Eisner

6. Gus loves to wake up early.

"I'm obsessed with mornings and starting my days with physical movement in the form of the gym or a run. It's easy to be productive when you start your day like this and make it non-negotiable! Also the music industry can be so wishy-washy sometimes I like to hold myself to account at least!"

-Gus Ross

7. Luke has a lot of pets. Growing up, his favorite pet was a Holland lop rabbit called Floppy, who roamed the house like a cat or dog. Today, his pets include a super gentle ball python named Noodle, a fish called "One Fish" (after the Dr. Seuss book), two cats named Milk and Salmon and several horses, his favorite being an American Paint Horse named Chief with blue eyes.

"Milk likes to meow along to music, and Salmon was rescued the day before he was about to be put down, but thank goodness I found him because he's such a love bug!"

-Luke Eisner

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8. Luke and his girlfriend also recently rehabilitated an injured pigeon, aptly named Houdini because of his narrow escape from death.

"We recently released him, fully healthy, back into the wild! It was an amazing experience."

-Luke Eisner


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9. Gus's go-to Starbucks drink is a latte with oat milk and one packet of Stevia.

"It used to be two, but I'm trying to be better in 2023…"

-Gus Ross

10. Luke doesn't eat pizza anymore—and it's kind of a long story why.

"While most people are born 80% water, because I'm from Wisconsin, I was born 80% milk. In college, I went so crazy with dairy that I was drinking a gallon of whole milk a day (I know I belonged in an asylum, haha). One day, my body just decided, 'Hey, we won't let you eat dairy anymore or you'll feel sick.' So, I don't even eat pizza anymore because any kind of cheese makes me feel ill! I'm so sorry Wisconsin, I failed you!"

-Luke Eisner

11. Gus is currently obsessed with this new leopard print bomber jacket that his designer girlfriend got him.

"I'm trying to play it cool by not wearing it all the time, but I just can't stop."

-Gus Ross

12. Luke has had a couple of big heroes in his life.

"I think as a human being, my hero is Steve Irwin. He was so good at conveying his passions to others in a way that made them fall in love with the things he loved, too. He really seemed to be a guy that didn't complain much, and that's such a goal of mine to be like that! Musically, my hero is Elliott Smith. He is the reason I got into music and I find his lyrics captivating. He was able to make sadness sound peaceful. Rest in peace to him!"

-Luke Eisner

13. The best concert Gus ever went to was probably seeing Bring Me the Horizon in Los Angeles last year at The Forum.

"Every single person knew every single word, including me. Their live show is a massive inspiration and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't manifesting us right up there next to them! Soon ;)"

-Gus Ross


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14. If Luke were to have a superhero catchphrase, it would be "Call your mom!"

"It's something I'm always working on remembering after losing my dad. I always would think, 'Oh, I'm too busy today to call home,' but then spend 20 minutes scrolling through Reddit or watching another episode of something on Netflix. I don't want to be that kind of hypocrite anymore. I really think if you are in the position where you have healthy parents or close friends, you should take advantage of communicating with them every chance you get!"

-Luke Eisner

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15. Gus always sets out to be fair, but firm.

"I don't have time for people who waste my time. If you're working with or spending time with people, make sure that they give the same level of effort that you do. Otherwise, find yourself someone else to join you. There are plenty of options! But then, by the same token, finding someone who joins you on that level of passion and pursuit is the most precious thing on the planet! Good luck in whatever you're doing and just always remember to smile, because the ripple effect is titanic."

-Gus Ross


Be sure to listen to VOILÀ's new single, "Girls Don't Come With Instructions," below.

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