Vosges Haut-Chocolat's Easter 2021 Collection Is THE Fanciest Way to Indulge This Holiday

I was introduced to Vosges at the end of last year, and quickly found the brand to make some of the most elegant and refined chocolate I've ever had the pleasure to taste.

From exquisite truffles to unique cacao elixirs and simple yet exotic chocolate bars, they have it all, and all of it is completely worth the calories. It's a brand that focuses on mindfulness, as well as taste, making it worth the higher price tags.

So when the folks behind the company reached out and asked if I'd be interested in sampling goodies from their Easter collection, I couldn't turn them down. I had high expectations from this incredible company, and I have to say that they met each and every one of them.

Sugar Cookie Bomba Bites: $12

Vosges is all about high-end chocolate confectionery, and if you don't have a massive budget to try out everything they have to offer this Easter, these delicious Sugar Cookie Bomba Bites are a great introduction to the company. These mushroom-shaped white chocolate bites come bundled up in the sweetest deer pattern (designed by an 8-year-old Vosges fan, no less). The backs are sprinkled with vibrant purple sugar crystals, and within, you can find crunchy bits of delicious sugar cookie. With their beautiful texture and taste, they might even win over some non-white chocolate-lovers.

Vosges sugar cookie bomba bites

(via Vosges)


Crispy Hazelnut Wandering Rabbits: $30

For something a little more high-end, let me introduce you to Vosges' Crispy Hazelnut Wandering Rabbits. These incredibly ornate deep milk chocolate rabbits aren't just beautiful—they're also delectable. They're filled with a hazelnut spread that's like Nutella, but better, which is punctuated by the unique crunch of Valencia orange-candied carrot. It sounds strange, but the flavors work beautifully, and just one will be enough to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Vosges Hazelnut wandering rabbits

(via Vosges)


Petit Nest of Peanut Butter Chocolate Eggs: $25

As someone who typically heads out each and every Easter to load up on Reese's Eggs for the year, let me tell you that I was very excited to try this more upscale approach to the classic. After trying them, I'm actually skipping out on the Reese's entirely this year. These elegant, almost Fabergé-like Easter eggs are dusted in a light coat of turmeric-based color to give them an Eastery green hue, and beneath that stunning color is an even better milk chocolate egg filled with delicious peanut butter, and embedded with Himalayan and Maldon salts for some added crunch and flavor. It's a classy take on a classic, and it's worth every penny.

Vosges chocolate peanut butter eggs

(via Vosges)


The Ostara Ensemble: $125

Last but absolutely not least is the Ostara Ensemble, which is the star of Vosges' Easter 2021 collection. At $125 for the box of 28 pieces, it's not for the faint of heart—particularly because you should consume it within 14 days of shipment.

Before I even dug in, I was captivated by the story of the Germanic goddess of spring and dawn, Ostara—after whom Easter is named. According to the legend, she nursed a frozen, flightless bird back to health, and transformed it into a rabbit. Even in its new form, this rabbit could lay eggs, leading to the Easter traditions we know today. The box is also patterned with her image, and it's so unusual it's probably one I'll keep for ages for storing knicknacks.

Vosges ostara ensemble

(via Vosges)

Of course, the contents of the box were even more important, featuring 28 truffles of 15 varieties, many of which are also named after goddesses from many cultures all over the world. The massive pink and green truffles at the center were obvious highlights, as the pink Ostara truffle was filled with dark chocolate ganache with rich bits of rainier cherry while the green Kisshoten truffle was packed with rich reishi mushroom, Piemonte hazelnut praline and gooey dulce de leche. I also loved many of the fruit and jelly-filled chocolates topped with beautiful edible flowers and more, but my favorite just might have been the boldly hued purple square chocolates, called Uzume after the Shinto goddess of the dawn, which was filled with burnt sugar caramel infused with rosemary and spirulina.

Vosges Ostara collection box closeup

(via Vosges)

Overall, I don't think there was a single chocolate in the entire set that was a dud—which I suppose is good, considering that the chocolates in this box average just under $4.50 per piece. Whether that's worth it will be up to you, and your wallet. All I can say is that after demolishing the box, my family and I are quite pleased.


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