12 Things You'll Relate to If You're a VSCO Girl

VSCO girls are taking over social media.

Although the name originally referred to the popular photo-editing app VSCO, it's recently transformed into an entire set of meme-worthy personality traits.

VSCO girls are basic to the core, but like, they totally own it. If you'd consider yourself a VSCO girl or if you're still trying to get a grasp on what this all means, keep scrolling for 12 things you'll relate to if you're a VSCO girl.

1. You're totally basic, and you know it. But thankfully, it doesn't bother you. You embrace your basic-ness without fear because you're not embarrassed to like what you like.

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2. You find yourself saying "and I oop" or "sksksksksk" way too often. Seriously, you're even annoying yourself. But you can't change now. These classic phrases are a permanent part of your VSCO girl vernacular.

3. Vans, Crocs and Birkenstocks are all essentials in your wardrobe. You cycle through these go-to shoe choices, usually pairing them with an oversized T-shirt, a Brandy Melville crop-top or a fitted tube top.

4. Your style is diverse and simple at the same time. Some days you're shooting for cute and trendy—other days you look like you just rolled out of bed. It's the VSCO girl charm.

5. You can't leave the house without your favorite scrunchie and your Hydro Flask. If you happen to forget these essential items, you feel like part of you is missing.

6. You love a natural look. No-makeup makeup and messy beach hair are the norm in your world. You want to exude a laid-back vibe, and—more importantly—you don't want to spend your entire morning putting your daily look together.

7. You absolutely have to own a Fujifilm Instax camera. How else will you capture the sunset every evening?

8. Pura Vida bracelets, Fjällräven Kånken backpacks and shell necklaces are your favorite accessories.  

9. Stickers. So many stickers. They're everywhere, especially on your reusable water bottle and laptop. You can never have too many stickers.

10. You're not only about aesthetic and photo ops. You also care deeply about the environment. You're always on the lookout for opportunities to be eco-friendly, which means reusable straws are pretty much a staple item in your Kanken backpack.

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11. You're committed to spreading positive vibes. You just want people to do what makes them happy. No judgment from your corner, you're just trying to live your best VSCO girl life.

12. You're thankfully self-aware. You know you fall into the extra-basic category of VSCO girl, but you don't really care. You love a good aesthetic, but you love being comfortable and carefree even more. Bring on the VSCO girl label—you're more than willing to own it.


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