Was Selena Gomez Trying to FaceTime with Joe Jonas?

So you know we are all super excited about Joe Jonas's upcoming solo album "Fastlife", but it sounds like we aren't the only ones that are excited to see what Joe Jonas has been up to…

Joe was discussing his new solo album "Fastlife" in an interview when his iPhone alerted him that he was getting a FaceTime request from a mystery caller named "Selena"!.

Could this be our girl Selena Gomez calling the swoon-worthy "Say No More" singer?? Joe quickly declined the FaceTime request and when the interviewer asked who was calling, Joe replied that he didn't know.

Was Sel calling to congratulate him on his new solo career? Is there a Selena Gomez/ Joe Jonas collaboration in the near future? We can only hope…

Watch the video to see it for yourself!

Meanwhile Selena revealed that she is done with television for a while and wants to focus on the big screen. Selena described, "Being on a show for four and a half years it's all you've known and it's your life, but you just want to go and do different things. The biggest thing that appeals to me about movies is because you are not playing the same character and you get to change it up." We loved seeing you in Monte Carlo, and can't to see what other hit movies you appear in in the future!