How One Simple Bottle Totally Improved My Daily Water Intake

A little more than a decade ago was the first time I noticed water bottles making a statement outside of just appearance.

smiling girl holds water bottle while going for a run

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I was living in Oregon at the time, and outdoor activities (and uses for heightened hydration) were incredibly common. Anyone who was anyone at that time carried Nalgene bottles, which are made of indestructible plastic.

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Fast-forward all these years later, an indestructible composition is seemingly among the least important factors that go into flashing what has now become many of our day-to-day accessories.

Now you've got your collapsable water bottles, hydration-tracking water bottles, infuser water bottles—and that's just the beginning. But one thing each of these innovative concepts has in common is they've changed the way we drink H20.

My major hydration breakthrough came only a little less than two months ago. Now, that's not to say I didn't drink a decent amount of water beforehand—but I am definitely drinking significantly more now.

It was following a tour of the brand new Nickelodeon Animation Studios that a major game changer came into my life. Upon finishing my VIP tour, I was gifted a little swag bag, which just-so-happened to include a Nick-branded S'well bottle. Granted, I know these bottles—founded in 2010 by Harvard Business alum Sarah Kauss—have been majorly on the rise since 2013, but it wasn't until being handed one that I ever put much thought into trying it out.

Well, it pretty much hasn't left my sight since that first sip. I mean, with such striking decor (in case you haven't been to the brand's website, there's a look for everyone!), it's hard not to remember to keep on sipping when these bold bottles are sitting right in front of you.

Sculpted in marble

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But the big selling factor with these, aside from their totally trendy styles, is obviously the temperature guarantee. The self-described only "hydration accessory" on the market promises cold liquids will stay such for 24 hours and hot drinks for 12. And with my experience, so far, so good!

I'm big on hot yoga, so when my ice-cold water is room-temp within minutes, it puts a bit of damper on my workout. But with my S'well bottle, I don't encounter this problem.

And going off of that, if I have a long day of driving around and running errands, I know there's a cold serving of water waiting for me at all times.

So, yes, now that I drink possibly three times as much water as I drank before, I definitely feel positive changes. I have so much more energy, I feel so much better overall and my skin feels more hydrated.

Bottom line: Whether it's from a S'well bottle or a simple plastic Arrowhead Water bottle you grabbed at 7-Eleven, H20 is of huge importance, so drink up, everyone!


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