13 Best Watermelon-Carving Accounts to Follow on Instagram

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Watermelon may be the ultimate summer refresher, but did you know it's also a medium for incredible art?

We've recently become obsessed with watermelon carving, and lucky for us, Instagram is full of accounts dedicated to the art. Keep scrolling to discover 13 incredible accounts you must follow.

Sayuri Isara

Location: Osaka, Japan

This talented artist specializes in carving fruit as well as soap, and everything on her page looks almost too good to eat. We particularly love this watermelon that's been carved to resemble a rose-topped cake.

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Jan Biebinger

Location: Trutnov, Czech Republic

This artist is all about carving up different types of fruits and vegetables, and while his patterns are absolutely perfect, we're most impressed with his silhouettes. Maybe a wedding watermelon would be even cooler than a wedding cake.

Daniele Barresi

Location: Sydney, Australia

This award-winning carver and designer is actually most famous for intricately carving up avocados, but his watermelon work is also top-notch. We're having a tough time believing this bird isn't a living, breathing creature.

Sachiko Ishikawa

Location: Tochigi, Japan

We're convinced that this artist can carve absolutely anything into the skin of a watermelon. This woman's profile is unlike anything else we've seen in fruit carving.

Sopha Samransook

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

If you love getting lost in kaleidoscopic designs, this is the fruit-carving Insta to follow. Her watermelon art is totally mesmerizing, and the attention to detail is incredible.

Albina Musina

Location: Ufa, Russia

We're totally infatuated with this carver's bold graphic designs. She's also an established teacher of fruit-carving, and even her students' works are a sight to be seen.

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Takehiro Kishimoto

Location: Kobe, Japan

This is one of the biggest fruit and veggie-carving pages on all of Instagram, and for good reason. In this artist's hands, pretty much any food can be transformed into a true work of art. We love this stop-motion watermelon carving video, but his broccoli carvings are also a must-see.

Sora Tulip

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Sora Tulip is actually an online fruit-carving school based out of Nigeria, but clearly they're great teachers, because their Instagram page is full of some incredible images. While they specialize in portraits, their more intricate work is stunning, too.

Angel Boraliev

Location: Varna, Bulgaria

There's something soothing about every single one of Angel Boraliev's watermelon carvings—and it's not just because some of them say "relax" on them. The symmetry and geometry of each carving are incredible to look at, and each one is truly unique.

Ryo Yamada

Location: Osaka, Japan

This artist's watermelon carvings are so perfect they almost don't seem real. They always consist of clean edges and perfectly formed shapes. We're not quite sure how they're made, and that's why we can't stop looking at them.

Rizal Hermansyah

Location: Bekasi City, Indonesia

While most of the watermelon art on this list is all about looking technically perfect, this artist's depictions are rawer and more emotional. If you like your art on the edgy side, we recommend following this page.

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Natalya Senkevich

Location: Uritskogo, Russia

We think this artist's watermelon art exhibits a dash of sweetness that not all of the carvings on this list shares. From perfectly tracing graphical elements onto watermelons to carving deep for a beautiful color gradation, she can do it all. She's also an award-winning carver, and we can absolutely see why.

Krystle Yeap

Location: Sydney, Australia

We're in love with this carver's depiction of pop culture heroes in her watermelon art. She's also unafraid to trim away what she doesn't need and transform the watermelon into an awesome bowl for serving fruit.


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