These Carved Watermelon Sculptures Are Mesmerizing Beyond Belief

We've said it once, and we'll say it again: Watermelon is our summer fruit of choice.

While we prefer to eat our watermelon—as most do—we found some particularly adventurous individuals who chose to carve magnificent sculptures out of them.

Would you dare bite into one of these 15 mesmerizing masterpieces?


1. Rabbit Watermelon

It's very possible that this is the cutest piece of food we've ever laid our eyes on. The detail in this fruit carving is pretty unbelievable!

2. Turtle Watermelon

This guy straight up looks like Crush from Finding Nemo, right? We can't imagine how long it took to create this beauty.


3. Unicorn Watermelon

A magestic unicorn in watermelon form? We're 100% into it.


4. Ape Watermelon

If this isn't considered art, we don't know what is. We have no words. 


5. Floral Watermelon

This beautiful floral design is totally eye-catching. We'd be down to try and recreate this ourselves!


6. Heart Carving

This watermelon wins the award for being the most elegant piece of fruit known to existence. 


7. Intricate Face Watermelon

The detail here is everything. Whoever created this must have had a lot of time and skill—clearly.


8. Horse Watermelon

Hello, marvelous stallion. Gorgeous!

Amazeballs! #watermelonart #summerart #artyoueat

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9. Fish Watermelon

This one may look simple, but yeah, no. If we tried making this ourselves, we would not get the same result.


10. Bambi Watermelon

One of our fave Disney woodland creatures in watermelon form! How uh-mazing is that? 

#watermelonart #Disneyland #Paris #art #Bamby #travel #арбуз

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11. Death Star Watermelon

All you Star Wars fans out there will appreciate this spectacular piece deeply.

Death Star Watermelon … 😉

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12. Iguana Watermelon

If we didn't know any better, we would scream in fear, because this reptile looks like the real deal. 


13. Butterfly Watermelon

This butterfly is a beaut, and the colorful fruit surrounding it is total fruitspiration. ????


14. Toothy Grin Watermelon

Can you imagine chowing down on this number? You'd have to eat this watermelon before it decides to eat you. 

My first watermelon art project #watermelonart

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15. Minion Watermelon

We've now laid our eyes on a glorious Minion sculpture. Life can't get much better.


All of these juicy sculptures probs got you craving watermelon, right? Watch our Sweet Treats and satisfy that craving with THESE shark-inspired watermelon bites.