9 Easy Ways to Avoid Hat Hair This Winter

Ah, sweater weather. It's time to bundle up in cute coats, sumptuous sweaters and super cute beanies. But all that beanie and beret wearing means hat hair mishaps are going to be at an all-time high.

Here are nine ways to avoid hat hair without giving up your topper.

1. Never Put a Hat on Wet Hair

Never, ever put a hat on when your hair is wet or damp! Even if you have stick-straight hair, letting your hair air dry with a hat on will cause it to crease and dry that shape. Not cute.


2. Pick a Looser Fit

Tight beanies look cool and all, but the tighter the fit the worse the hat hair. Beanies with looser fits, along with berets and newsboy caps, will leave you with a better looking mane, even after a full day of wear.

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3. Choose Hat Material Wisely

Not all hats are created equal. Beanies are going to give you a more severe case of hat hair than, say, a wide brim felt fedora. However, the material of the hat matters just as much as the style. A coarse hat, like a wool beanie, will muck up your hair far more than one made out of cashmere or angora.

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4. Stay Away From Styling Tools

Believe it or not, hot styling tools make your hat hair worse. Weird, we know. Hot curling wands, straighteners and blow dryers make your hair more susceptible to static, hat hair and creases. Your best bet is to air dry, but if you can't quit the hot tools, make sure to apply a moisturizing styling cream to your damp hair before you start styling.


5. Spritz Anti-Static Spray After Styling

If you have to style your hair, spray you hair with an anti-static spray, like R+Co's Foil Frizz & Static Spray, before you put on your hat to help control flyaways.


6. Keep Anti-Static Sheets Nearby

If you suffer from staticky hair, it's smart to keep anti-frizz and static sheets on hand, like these by Nunzio Saviano. Another alternative? Use good 'ol fashioned dryer sheets.

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7. Use Hair Oil

Hair oil is a great way to smooth strands and keep your hair looking soft and healthy. Do not put water on your hair to try and smooth out hat frizz and flyaways, because that actually dries out your hair. Instead, use a tiny amount of hair oil and run it down the middle of the strands to the ends.


8. Tie Your Hair in a Loose Bun

An easy way to add volume back after your hair has been smashed down by a hat all day is to tie it up in a lose bun. Leave it up for 15-20 minutes and voila, instant va-va-volume.


9. Commit to a Low Pony or Bun

If all else fails, a good low pony or bun can always come to the rescue. A tight, low pony or bun pairs well with just about any hat—even beanies—and is a surefire way for your hair to look sleek and chic all day long … with or without your hat on.

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