5 Ways to Celebrate Pride—And Not Just During Pride Month

June is officially Pride Month, and that means celebrating all that there is to celebrate about being LGBTQIA+ in both big ways and small.

While plenty of brands love to hop on the Pride train during June and act like they support the right for everyone to be who they want to be and love who they want to love, many of them don't actually stand behind their words and treat "Pride" as more of a marketing tactic than anything else.

So, whether it's June, July, January or any other month of the year, sipping on a can of the same old soda that simply has a rainbow stripe across it this one time (or some other half-effort attempt at showing support for this ever-so-colorful community) isn't the only way to celebrate Pride. No matter the month, year, week or day, here some ways you can celebrate Pride outside of just Pride Month:

1. Donate to a Cause That Counts

There are plenty of charities out there that take the money given to them and use it to promote and benefit the LGBTQ+ community, whether that be through mental health awareness, education or any other genuine means. These causes help save lives, whether you realize or not, as they help individuals feel comfortable in their own skin and help to reduce the violence and self harm that many LGBT people experience. So, if you're able to, donate to a cause that truly supports the meaning behind pride, no matter what month it may be.


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2. Know Your History

Do you know why Pride Month occurs in June? If not, you might want to do some research on something known as the Stonewall Riots. The history of gaining rights for a community that was so horribly oppressed for so long isn't necessarily pretty, but it surely is worth knowing about to better understand pride and what it means to people who identify as LGTBQ+. This is especially important in today's time so that we can create a more welcoming, understanding and accepting society that protects the value of each and every individual, no matter how they identify.


3. Be an Ally

Even if you yourself do not identify as LGBTQ, you can still celebrate and promote pride for the people who do. Being an ally doesn't mean trying to talk over your peers who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, non-binary or any other identifier, simply that you're there to support them and fight for their right to love and be seen the same way that you can—shamelessly and in the open, without the fear of violence or oppression. To be a good ally, you should take the time to understand those who are different than you and the difficult experiences they may suffer through due to the challenges of our society, but never speak for or over those who are a part of the community.


4. Attend a Pride Parade

Even if you are an ally, attending Pride events throughout the year—like any local Pride parades—is a great way to show support and feel the love that so desperately needs to be spread. These parades and rallies are a beautiful expression of self, and they allow those who may have felt suppressed finally express themselves to the fullest degree. So go with your friends and see the wonderful level of support and love that exists for so many people who may have had to struggle with receiving that support and love in other times of their lives.


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5.  Show Your Pride However You Please

From accessories to dresses, makeup to notebooks and everything in between, there's always a way to show your pride or show your support for the movement. For some people who may appear as "straight-presenting," showing pride through external means may be the only obvious way to do so to the outside world so that they don't need to constantly explain their identity to others. For others, it's simply a way to express the love they feel for such a brilliantly diverse community. But however you choose to show your pride, just know that you matter, and you will always deserve to be proud no matter the month it may be.


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