Being overwhelmed can feel a bit uneasy, but just know it’s common and you’re not alone.

From over-exerting yourself to not getting enough sleep, sometimes it feels like there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. If you aren’t sure how to conquer this feeling, we’ve got some amazing advice. Continue below to get a look at 12 ways to ease your stress during a busy day.

1. Do Some Type of Clean-Up

It doesn’t matter if the clean-up is big or small, but spending time organizing your drawers, rearranging your closet or decluttering the bathroom will help lower your stress. By doing these small tasks, you can feel better about clean spaces that you might have to deal with regularly.

Do some cleaning up

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2. Swap To-Do Lists With Your Friend or Sibling

If you’re lacking inspiration on all the chores you have to do, swap with a friend. If you see that you two have the same chores, it might make you feel better that they have it on their list, too. Or, if there is one thing you guys don’t like on each of your lists, consider exchanging! If you don’t like sewing on a button that fell off and your friend doesn’t want to paint her own nails, you guys can switch to help each other out.

swap to do lists

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3. Forgive Someone

Consciously forgiving someone who has wronged you can take a lot of willpower, but it’s ultimately better for your own sake. Feeling burdened by someone else’s actions or words is not worth holding a grudge over. Forgiving someone will help you move on, free up your mind and lower anxiety and stress.

forgive someone

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4. Take Action

Taking action can be anything from posting a story about a social issue, donating money to your favorite cause, planting a tree or picking up trash that you see lying around. Don’t ever feel like you can’t do it all—this will overwhelm you more. Even a small action can be a step in the right direction!

take action

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5. Limit Social Media Time

We know this can be hard, but looking at all your friends’ stories on Instagram and seeing what everyone is doing 24/7 isn’t the healthiest thing. It can sometimes be overwhelming and make you feel worse. Spending free time staring at a screen and binging TikTok can increase stress, so try to limit your time on social media.

limit your time on social media

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6. Find Someone to Talk To

This can be your parents, siblings, friends or a professional. There is no harm in talking with someone who might have great advice on something you can’t get off your mind. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to someone close to you, professionals are always there to help!

find someone to talk to

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7. Meditate

Meditating is something that can really clear your headspace. It allows you to concentrate on calming your thoughts and your body. It’s helpful to start the day by meditating because it allows you to feel calm before a day of unexpected events, conversations and tasks.

meditate in your off time

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8. Cancel Something

Canceling something can be a hard thing to do, especially if you don’t like to bail. But it’s okay if something is planned that you just can’t get yourself to go to. What’s important is your body and mind telling you to relax and listening to yourself.

listen to yourself and cancel something

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9. Make The Beginning of The Week Sound FUN

As Sunday comes to an end, you may feel stressed to start a new week. Make time during your Monday to do something you enjoy that can get your mind off things. Perhaps dinner with a bestie, reading your favorite book or playing soccer with your sibling.

make the beginning of the week fun

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10. Exercise

Exercising helps you accomplish more and promotes a decrease in stress levels. If you aren’t motivated to do a whole workout, that’s okay, because walking has been proven to relieve stress! So, if dancing or baseball doesn’t sound fun to you that day, just remember walking can have the same positive effects.

don't forget to exercise

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11. Drink Some Tea

This may sound silly, but holding a warm cup of tea can do wonders for your mind. Feeling cozy and at peace will boost positive mindfulness. It’s a form of meditation that doesn’t take much time out of your day.

drink some tea to feel comforted and at peace

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12. Remember, You’ve Got This

You have all the necessary tools to get you through a stressful day. It may help to write down something that stressed you out and how you dealt with it… it shows you that you can do it!

Remember, you got this!

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