Ways to Honor Your Fiery Side This Leo Season

As a Leo, it's safe to say I'm a tad excited for Leo season.

From July 22 to Aug, 22, I thrive. Energetically, it's the spiritual equivalent of collecting a star in Mario Kart. I feel sparkly, powerful and ready to handle anything like a total queen. Whether you're a Leo or not, this season encourages us all to embrace our fiery, sassy, glamorous, self-indulgent Leo tendencies. Here are a few ways to honor your fiery side this Leo season.

Bask in The Sunshine

Leo is represented by the lion, and its ruling planet is the sun. Have you ever seen the sheer majesty of a lion sunbathing on a rock like the royalty they are? That is the vibe, honey. There's something to be said for sprawling out on a plush towel or comfy lounge chair, basking in the warm hug of sunshine and rocking your cutest swimsuit to channel the regal energy Leos are known for. Rawr.

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Buy Yourself a Gift

Okay, so Leos are known for treating themselves a little bit (a lot a bit). They love luxury and make no apologies for it. This is why this Leo season, you should treat yourself to a cute little gift. A candle, a new top, jewelry, you name it! Leos never apologize for knowing their worth, and you shouldn't either.


Send a Thoughtful Card to a Loved One Just Because

A defining Leo trait is their unwavering loyalty. A great way to make your favorite people feel special is by sending a card their way for no reason at all. In a world of instant gratification via texting and social media, snail mail can feel like such a thing of the past, which is why receiving notes in the mail is so fun. Show your loyalty to a person who makes you feel like the icon you are with this sweet, simple gesture.

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Post a Fab Photo of Yourself

It's no secret that a Leo loves attention. They're known for their charisma, charm, and outgoing personalities. That being said, put on an outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks, take a fierce photo, and show it off on your grid. Feeling a little shy? Get together with a friend and make a day of it. Have fun coming up with your looks, play your favorite confidence-boosting playlist (Megan Thee Stallion, anyone?), and go for it!


Support a Charity

While a Leo in a low place may be a bit of an egomaniac, one of Leo's most positive traits is their endless generosity and passion. There's no better way to honor Leo season than by giving back to a cause that speaks to you. Whether you donate or volunteer your time, supporting a charity is an excellent way to embody Leo's leadership abilities.

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Happy Leo season! Here's to a season full of indulgence, generosity and self-care. Between my social calendar and spa appointments for the coming months, I truly can't wait.


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