5 Ways to Improve Your Relationships Post-Valentine's Day

If you're in a relationship, especially if it's a new one, you may feel like you're more or less in the clear when it comes to dating worries once Valentine's Day has passed.

After all, you've already gotten to see how your partner treats the holiday overall, gotten to judge and appreciate the gift they got you (or forgot to get you) and maybe even had the chance to hard launch your partner on social media by showing off said gift. In reality, though, your relationship isn't always smooth sailing just because Valentine's Day has come and gone. And while the holiday may be one milestone to celebrate, it doesn't necessarily mean that you don't have other items to work on as you and your partner continue to get to know each other.

With that said, there are some things you can do to continue improving your relationship post-Valentine's Day. The specifics will depend on you and your partner, but we've gathered a few basics here for you to make things easier.

1. Ask Each Other Important Questions

When you're in the early days of dating someone new, it can be all too easy to focus on the mundane and surface level things that lead to your attraction to them. However, these things are not what truly makes or breaks a relationship, and learning more about your partner can really help you get a better picture of how you feel about them and where things could progress to in the future. In terms of our advice, don't just stick to the basics when getting to know the person you're dating, and don't be afraid to get deep. Even if you learn something you don't necessarily like, it's actually a good thing in the end for the sake of saving you some stress.


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2. Make Sure They've Met the People That Really Matter

Don't be so worried about what your partner will think of your friends, as you should probably be thinking more about what your friends think of them. The people closest to you should know you best, including your dating tendencies. That makes introducing your partner to them important, but it also shouldn't have to be stressful. A natural introduction is always best, and if your friends and family grilling your partner is enough to scare them away, then it probably isn't meant to be anyway.


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3. Stop Excusing Behaviors That Bother You

Are they always liking the stories of other girls or guys on social media? Do they not make you feel seen when you're in a group setting? Whatever behavior it is that they exhibit that rubs you the wrong way, pay attention to this. It can be all too easy to excuse behaviors that seem not too serious, but doing so can lead to problems in your relationship worsening over time. Speaking up can be difficult if you're not the confrontational type, but it's all worth it if you really want to have the healthy relationship you deserve.


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4. Don't Compare Your Relationship to Others

Just because your best friend has the "perfect" relationship with their partner in your eyes doesn't mean that yours has to look exactly the same. Dynamics can vary greatly from couple to couple, so there's no need to feel jealous of someone else's relationship just because it seems to be further ahead than yours. Instead, try to think of what exactly is causing you to feel said jealousy, then work on that factor within your own relationship instead of letting those feelings fester.


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5. Do Things to Complement Their Love Language

Whether your own love language is words of affirmation, physical touch or any of the others, you are not the only one in this relationship who has such a language. Understanding what your partner's love language is can make a huge difference in your overall satisfaction, especially when you do what you can to complement their love language (even if it's different than your own). It's okay if it doesn't come natural to you at first, as the effort of trying can mean even more than the act itself.


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So, while the holiday that's all about love and relationships may now be behind us, working on your relationship certainly isn't. And if you need a little extra help navigating the often confusing world of dating in 2023, you might be relieved to know that TikTok is actually here to help. Click HERE to read about things TikTok taught us about dating last year.