Ways to Support Reproductive Rights If You Can't Attend a Protest

On Friday, June 24, Roe v. Wade—the monumental court case that protected a woman's right to choose and that helped set the standard for abortion as healthcare—was overturned.

This caused shockwaves throughout the country, and for good reason—but if you're already reading this post, you probably already know all of that. So, instead of wallowing in the deep sadness that this event caused many of us, you're ready to take some action. We use our pain, our frustration and our downright anger as fuel to create change, as we won't back down or accept defeat as our rights are removed right before our eyes.

But what if you desperately want to support reproductive rights right now, but can't attend a protest? Whether you're too young, have other commitments you can't get out of or have any other reason why protesting this recent event isn't in the cards for you, you aren't without options for supporting the cause you care so much about. There's plenty you can still do to support reproductive rights that don'involve going to a protest, including:

1. Donating to an Abortion Fund or Women's Rights Foundation

Research organizations that direct funds to causes that count, then donate to them with whatever you can. Want to purchase some pro-choice or pro-Roe gear? Make sure to buy it from an independent artist or company that uses at least a portion of proceeds to put towards an abortion fund or other helpful foundation.

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2. Having or Supporting a Fundraiser

If you can't afford to donate anything, you can still raise money for reproductive rights. Try volunteering at an existing fundraiser going on in your community (again, do your research on the organization that's being supported) or host your own fundraiser if there are none yet. You could host a bake sale, have local artists donate work to sell or try any other idea under the sun so long as the profits go towards the cause.


3. Spreading the Word

Right now, silence is not a solution. This is an issue that so many people feel passionately about, both in favor of and against what's going on right now. The problem, though, is that most people tend to stick with what they know—they surround themselves with others who think like they do and do their best to block out the rest. This is why standing up for what you believe in and speaking your mind in a way that might actually help open the minds of others is so important. If we don't speak up and spread the word, nothing changes. It's that simple.


4. Signing a Petition

If you can, sign a petition that draws attention to the injustice happening with this case. With that said, though, be careful that you aren't signing just anything. Research what you're signing. Ask questions if you're signing in person. But offer support where support is needed right now, even if all you have to give is your name on a list.

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5. Voting (If You're Old Enough)

The most important way that you can support reproductive rights right now—protest or not—is by taking action to elect people that actually create the wave of change we need, and that means voting. If you're 18 (or are going to be soon) Register to vote if you haven't already, look up the candidates on the ballot when it is time and get to the polls. Although your vote may feel small, you have the chance to do something, and that's all that any of us can ask for right now.

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So stay loud. Take up space. Keep posting. And donating. Protesting doesn't look just one way, so do whatever you can with whatever it is you have to create change and support reproductive rights. Remember: every wave starts with a single drop, and right now we sure do need some rain.

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