We Have a Ton in Common With Nickelodeon's Gail Soltys and We're Sure You Do, Too

Nickelodeon's Talia in the Kitchen is great for so many reasons, but we've got to say, Gail Soltys' presence on the show happens to be a main one.

She's our #WCW this week and we can't wait to share why. We chatted with Gail this week about her childhood memories, latest obsessions and a few more things that are seriously relatable to us. Read on to find out what she had to say!

Full Name: Gail Barbara Soltys

Birthplace: Florida

Birthday: October 13

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Everyday Necessity: Lip Gloss

Gail Soltys #WCW art

(Photo Credits: Nicole Mitchem Photography)

Fun Facts:

1. She has a super strong style game as evident below. She told Sweety High that she loves fashion and accessories. We are living for this romper.

Kids Choice Sports Awards ???? Styled by the amazing ~ @tinajstyle Outfit details tagged!

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2. Her wardrobe was just as impeccable when she was younger. She confessed to us, "I wore a pink boa everywhere I went for three years as a kid just because." We totally applaud her free-spirited ways.

3.  Pretty Little Liars is her obsession and she wants the world to know about it. We support her endeavor wholeheartedly. This just means we'll have to do a viewing party now, it's decided.

4. She loves the beach. Summer is basically over, but we won't be surprised if she remains bikini-clad well into the fall.

Live salty ????????????☀️

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5. Also like us, she does not mess around when it comes to her makeup"I love watching makeup tutorials by Chloe Morello on YouTube, she's amazing," Gail gushed.

6. We were surprised to learn an interesting fact about her eye color. "I had blue eyes until I was three years old," she said. "Then they turned green." We can't really tell in the pic, but this shot of her and her mom is still precious and worth sharing.

Happy Birthday Mommy!! I love you soooo much your the BEST mom in the world 😉 Hope you had a great day. I LOVE you!!!

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7. Her family is obviously super important to her and she told us she's an aunt and Godmother to her nephew Landon. He is completely adorable and we can't wait for her to share more pics of the two on Instagram.

8. It may not be Thursday quite yet, but she threw it back to her early acting experience by reminiscing to us about first role, which was a Sea World commercial. Not a bad way to kick off your career in our opinion.


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