The Kicks Star Isabella Acres Dishes to Us About Her Passions, BFF and Love for Justin Bieber

Wednesday is a wonderful day for so many reasons.

First, it means you're halfway through the week; second, we get to bring amazing ladies like The Kicks star Isabella Acres to your attention.

We caught up with Isabella and the rest of the cast a little bit last week, but we thought it was time she got her own individual spotlight as our official #WCW. This girl can act, sing and dance? Yep, definitely crushing.

Read on below to find out what Isabella had to share with us this time around.

The Kicks actress Isabella Acres #WCW art

(Photo Credit: Mike Rosenthal/Tack Artist Group)

Name: Isabella Acres

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Birthday: February 21

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Favorite Movie: Million Dollar Baby

Fun Facts:

1. She has a passion for fashion. Not only does she kill it in the style department but she even told Sweety High, "I love to sketch my own clothing designs. I have dozens of designs that I'd love to see come to life one day!" We are all over the idea of an Isabella clothing line, tbh.

2. Her first onscreen appearance was something pretty out of the ordinary. When discussing her start at just six years old she told us she "accused Tony Shalhoub of killing Santa Claus in a show called Monk." Everyone has to start somewhere, right?

3. She plays guitar and takes Bieber fever to a whole new level. She let us know about her obsession when she told us, "I taught myself how to play guitar by learning Justin Bieber songs. I'm a huge JB fan." Same, Isabella, same.

4. She loves Disney Channel just as much as we do–specifically, Kim Possible. She calls it "one of my all-time favorite cartoons."

5. One of her favorite animals might come as a surprise. She told us, "I love all animals, especially cats and snakes." She frequently posts cute pics of her friend's cat on her Instagram and we're 100% thankful that she does. We can totally relate to her love of felines, but not so much the snakes though, if we're being real. ????

6. She has a serious case of nostalgia for classic games and we can't say we blame her. In our opinion, nothing will ever compare to the old school version of Mario Kart, ever. She told us, "I love vintage video games especially Clue on the old Nintendo and Adventure on Atari."

7. She expressed our mutual intense love for sushi, gushing, "I could eat cucumber avocado roles every day!"

8. Her sister also doubles as her BFF. Their bond is totally unbreakable and we could tell when she said, "My little sister Ava has been my ride or die since day one. We're like twins who were born three years apart!" She even posted this sweet little tribute to her sis on her birthday. Excuse us while we wipe our teary eyes.


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