The 9 Magical Ways We Are All Buddy The Elf

The holidays are finally here and our holiday cheer is about to level up to the max. We basically just turn into Buddy the Elf. Honestly, who doesn't?!?! We've all been Buddy at some point during the holidays and these nine ways are definitive proof.


You and your squad roll up everywhere looking like this. #OnFleek

You refuse to eat anything other than the sugariest of sugary candies, even if you have to mix them into your spaghetti.

When people ask what you're doing today, this is your response.

Whenever someone mentions Santa, you just kind of lose it…

And you basically think every guy with a white beard and a jolly belly is the big man himself, which, sadly, isn't true.

You sing holiday songs any chance you get. Your life petty much turns into a musical dreamland during the holidays.

You see something with lights and automatically think of a Christmas tree.

If anyone should challenge you to a snowball fight, they better be prepared to lose.

Decorating? Oh, you've got that covered! It's basically like being at the North Pole when stepping into your house.


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