We Are Music Video By Big Time Rush Showcases Tour!

Big Time Rush's latest music video is for their anthemic "We Are," a song all about living life for the moment and being the best you can be!We Are

This is the fourth music video from Big Time Rush's latest album 24/Seven, and probably our favorite so far!

The video showcases epic stadium tours, hilarious concert moments, and amazing photographs documenting their "Music Break Tour"

We also love all of the behind-the-scenes footage backstage at the venues, in recording booths, and getting to see the boys goof around on trampolines, playing hackey sack, and partaking in Silly String fights!

Just because the band's Nickelodeon series Big Time Rush is now off the air doesn't mean the boys are done! We hope this quarter keeps making music together for years to come!

Check out the new video here!