7 Struggles You'll Relate to If You've Worn a Protective Face Mask

Ever since Coronavirus came on the scene, we've had to adjust to a new normal.

One of those new developments has been the introduction of protective face masks. Most places require us to wear them when we're out in public, and at this point, everyone owns one. Since we're all well-adjusted to wearing these whenever we're outside of our homes, chances are, we've all experienced some pretty similar things!

Keep scrolling for seven struggles you'll relate to if you've worn a protective face mask.

1. The Panic of Thinking You Left Your Face Mask at Home

You know the moment of angst that sets in when you can't find your face mask? We've all been there. After searching everywhere for the little monster, you probably find it in a super obvious place…it's okay, it's happened to all of us.

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2. Your Jealousy of Someone Else's Much Cuter Face Mask

Lately, all of our favorite fashion brands have been hard at work making face masks, and they sure are adorable! Whenever you see someone rocking a cute, covered-up look on Instagram or in person, you're likely quick to cop a matching vibe.


3. When You're Confused Over Someone's Facial Expressions Beneath Their Face Mask

Because masks conceal how we feel, it's sometimes hard to determine the mood of who you're speaking with. Are they happy? Sad? Mad? It's honestly super hard to tell, so you usually look at their body language for signs.


4. When You Start Getting Sweaty Underneath Your Face Mask

After wearing your face mask for any period of time, whether it's 10 minutes or 10 hours, we're pretty sure all of us have sweat. It's definitely annoying, but when you think of all the essential workers that have to wear it all day long, it makes it pretty hard to complain about.

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5. When You Feel Like You Can't Have a Proper Conversation While Wearing Your Face Mask

Whether you can't quite hear what another person says because their voice is muffled, or you feel awkward speaking behind a face mask, it's happened to all of us! We've all had that moment where we want to just rip it off and have a proper chat.


6. When You Don't Know What Someone Looks Like Behind Their Face Mask

If you're ever out in public and see someone who you think looks familiar, it's always awkward figuring it out if it'actually them. You're left with the choice of simply walking away, or going up and asking if it truly is the person you had in mind! And don't even get us started on flirting with someone while wearing a face mask…


7. When You Realize the Most Convenient Part of Wearing a Face Mask Is When You Get to Take It Off

You know that moment of bliss when you get to take your shoes or bra off when you get home? Taking off your face mask is honestly better than that. When you reach the safety of your car or home, you know you're finally free from being constricted!

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