Add These Pieces to Your Wardrobe to Rock the WednesdayCore Look

Thanks to Jenna Ortega's flawless portrayal of Wednesday Addams in the new Wednesday Netflix series, the gothic look is in—and we couldn't be happier.

The WednesdayCore look is all about the edge, combining somber draped pieces with unique sheer and lace textures, and of course, donning black from head to toe. That makes the style surprisingly versatile, and even subtle, if you know what you're doing. If you're looking for some great WednesdayCore pieces to add to your wardrobe, look no further than this list.

Killstar Kelesi Top: $42.99

When it comes to WednesdayCore looks, playing with texture is key, which is why velvet pieces like this Kelesi Top from Killstar are a necessity. It's made from soft, stretchy velvet with an embossed design to add some character to an all-black outfit, and it looks great paired with high-waisted bottoms and layered with other exciting accents.

Killstar Kelesi Top

(via Killstar)


Beginning Boutique Kia Black Lace Bodysuit: $59.99

We love anything that evokes the grace and flair of Wednesday's famous lacey prom dress, which is why we adore this Kira Black Lace Bodysuit from Beginning Boutique. The sheer material is playful with its floral detailing, making it easy to pair with all of your favorite bold pieces.

Beginning Boutique Kia Black Lace Bodysuit

(via Beginning Boutique)


Foxblood Melissa Velvet Maxi Dress: $84

For a classic and timeless black dress look, try out this Melissa Velvet Maxi Dress from Foxblood. It has a classic silhouette with a high side slit and ruffled edging, making it as elegant as it is versatile.

Foxblood Melissa Velvet Maxi Dress

(via Foxblood)


Chaser Long Sleeve Button Down Shirttail Maxi Shirt: $150

For a more traditional Wednesday Addams style, this Long Sleeve Button Down Shirttail Maxi Shirt fits the bill. It's casual, yet elevated, and is woven to keep you warm and comfy even in the wintertime. We also love the idea of layering with a white collared shirt to truly get Wednesday's look.

Chaser long sleeve button down maxi shirt

(via Chaser)


Miss Circle Pixie Black Mesh Sleeve Halter Corset Satin Top: $119

Corset tops are a gothic style staple, and this Pixie Black Mesh Sleeve Halter Corset Satin Top has Wednesday written all over it. From the sheer sleeves and back to the sculpting busk, it's everything you could want in a top, and more.

Miss Circle Pixie Black Mesh Sleeve Halter Corset Satin Top

(via Miss Circle)


UO Fantine Semi-Sheer Lace Midi Dress: $99

Looking for your own amazing dress for reenacting Wednesday's prom dance? We recommend this Fantine Semi-Sheer Lace Mini Dress from Urban Outfitters with fab lace details, puffy sleeves and a draped, flowy fit that won't get in your way as you move.

UO Fantine Semi-Sheer Lace Midi Dress

(via Urban Outfitters)


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Next Coated Skinny Jeans: $42+

Need some great bottoms to wear with your favorite WednesdayCore top? Forget about classic denim or boring leggings and check out these Coated Skinny Jeans from Next. They're stretchy and high-rise, with just the right amount of shine to add some interest to your outfit.

Next Coated Skinny Jeans

(via Next)


Bruno Marc Women's Classic Wingtip Brogue Dress Shoes: $41.99

Of course, you'll also need great shoes to go with the whole ensemble, and a great pair of shiny dress shoes like these ones from Bruno Marc will last you ages. They're made with premium vegan leather, with just enough give to maintain their shape while also being extra comfortable, especially with the help of a padded insole. Whether you dress them casually or fancy, they're WednesdayCore at its finest.

Bruno Marc Women's Classic Wingtip Brogue Dress Shoes

(via Bruno Marc)


Mia Sian Boot: $59.99

For a bit more height and protection from the elements, we love these Mia Sian Boots, with a 1.25-inch platform, three-inch block heel and zipper closure to keep feet snug and warm. Its bold seams give off Wednesday vibes while the silhouette remains classic, making these great for a variety of great looks.

Mia Sian Boot

(via DSW)


Love Classic Striped Thigh-High Socks: $11.99

And since you'll need great socks with your boots or dress shoes, we have to recommend these super soft Striped Thigh-High Socks from Love Classic, in an iconic black-and-white that immediately conjures mental images of the Addams daughter.

Love Classic Striped Thigh-High Socks

(via Love Classic)


Betsey Johnson Lil Bow-Peep Nylon Mini Backpack: $59.98

Accessorization is also key to WednesdayCore looks, and while most all-black handbags will do, we think this Betsey Johnson Lil Bow-Peep Nylon Mini Backpack feels like it was made just for the occasion. Because it's black-on-black, you have to look a little harder to see the dainty bow details, which honestly feels perfect for Wednesday.

Betsey Johnson Lil Bow-Peep Nylon Mini Backpack

(via Betsey Johnson)


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Arcanum Black Tourmaline and Hematite Clasp Necklace: $82

When it comes to WednesdayCore jewelry, simplicity is best, which is why we're gravitating toward this Black Tourmaline and Hematite Clasp Necklace from Arcanum. The black stones are said to bring protection, grounding and confidence, while the metal clasp gives it the perfect hint of edginess.

Arcanum Black Tourmaline and Hematite Clasp Necklace

(via Arcanum)


Rat Betty Tiny Heart Necklace: $50

This Tiny Heart Necklace from Rat Betty is proof that WednesdayCore pieces don'always have to be pure black. After all, what's more Wednesday than an anatomically accurate human heart charm?

Rat Betty Tiny Heart Necklace

(via Rat Betty)


Saltwater Luxe Tides Sweater: $132

And just because you're channeling Wednesday Addams doesn't mean you have to freeze, thanks to this Tides Sweater from Saltwater Luxe. With its thick, knitted texture, it's the perfect top layer for your cutest dark ensembles, and its thick front buttons are minimalistic yet chic.

Saltwater Luxe Tides Sweater

(via Saltwater Luxe)


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