7 Weird—But Totally Edible—Nacho Recipes

We want to take a minute to say that nachos are a classic dish that deserve our undivided love and attention.

However classic it may be, we also think it's time to revamp this delicious meal into something more.

Scroll down for a few weird but totally drool-worthy recipes that you'll be running to the kitchen to make ASAP.

1. Chili Dog Nachos

Wait, a chili cheese dog on top of a bed of nachos? Yes, we fully realize how ridiculous that sounds, but don't knock it until you try it, folks. Chili and cheese make everything better already, but adding hot dog bites will truly give you a new purpose in life. Prepare to be amazed by clicking HERE.

chili dog nachos

(via Taste and Tell)


2. BBQ Chicken Sweet Potato Nachos

What seems like an unlikely food combination turns into a mouthwatering creation fit for any true sweet potato-lover. You can even substitute fries for chips if you feel like taking it up a notch. Read the recipe HERE.

bbq chicken sweet potato nachos

(via With Salt and Wit)


3. S'mores Nachos

S'mores are now an integral part of our food pyramid, TBH. That being said, it might sound bizarre to make them into nachos, but it makes perfect sense at the same time, amirite? Read how to create this beautiful concoction HERE.
s'mores nachos

(via The Creative Bite)


4. Brussels Sprouts Nachos

Normally, we would never steer you toward anything with raw Brussels sprouts, but you must have faith in us on this one. Cook up these babies and throw them on top with melted cheese. It's pure magic, we tell you. Grab the recipe HERE.

Brussels sprouts nachos

(via Simple Bites)


5. Irish Potato Nachos

Chips are totally overrated when it comes to this recipe. The idea of putting potato slices, jalapeno and bacon together already has us drooling. Read how to make them HERE.

irish potato nachos

(via Always Order Dessert)


6. Donut Dessert Nachos

You can eat donuts by themselves and they'll be perfectly yummy, but we think it's time you consider making them into something particularly amazing. Use them as dipping chips for a plate of sweet treats and you'll never want to eat dessert any other way. Get the how-to guide HERE.

donut dessert nachos

(via Beyond Frosting)


7. Spaghetti Nachos

Everything about your favorite Italian food just got rolled into a plate of nachos. If that doesn't excite you, we really don't know what will. View the recipe HERE.

spaghetti nachos

(via Doughmesstic)


You might find these recipes a little out there, but you haven't seen weird until you've feasted your eyes on THESE foods that have disguised themselves as other foods.