7 Weird Facts About Kissing That Are Super Interesting

When was the last time you kissed someone?

Whether it was a cute baby or someone you're dating, we're willing to bet you loved the way it made you feel. When it comes to romantic kisses, there is so much information out there to know. And you know what? Some of it is pretty wild! Keep scrolling for seven weird facts about kissing that are super interesting.

1. Even Though We're Scared of Getting Sick, We'll Still Swap Spit With people

Even before COVID was in the picture, people were scared of getting sick. Wiping down grocery carts, washing your hands after pumping gas and making sure the person who cooks your food is clean have been things we've always done. So why do all those rules go out the window when we kiss? Some studies show that kissing is actually safer than shaking hands in a lot of cases.


2. A 'Normal' or 'Simple' Kiss Can Burn Over 3 Calories a Minute

If you're trying to get a workout in for the day, just know that kissing someone actually burns calories! A simple or normal kiss can burn about three calories per minute, while a more passionate kiss burns about 26 calories per minute. And while we don't recommend kissing as your normal form of exercise every day, we will admit that it sounds a lot more fun than going on a run.


3. Your Parents Kiss You All the Time When You're a Baby, But Hardly Ever When You Grow Up

Isn't it strange that when we're first born, it seems like our parents are constantly kissing us? Even if you don't remember it yourself, just think of the babies you know—they're probably being kissed all the time, right? So why do our parents stop kissing us when we grow up? Don't get us wrong, we don't want to kiss our parents these days, but it's such a weird thing to think about!


4. Some People Kiss With Their Eyes Open

If you're a fan of The Bachelor, you probably know that Matt James is known for being an open-eyed kisser. And while the majority of people kiss with their eyes closed, there is a pretty decent number of people who kiss like Matt! It's assumed that about 34% of people kiss with their eyes open. The next time you're kissing someone, we dare you to open your eyes and see how it feels!


5. About 146 Muscles Are Used When You Kiss Someone

It should come as no surprise that we use muscles in our face when we kiss someone—but did you know that it's 146 muscles? That's way more than we would have thought possible. When you really think about it, kissing comes as second nature to us and our lips do their thing without us giving it much thought. So the fact that we use 146 muscles to kiss is incredible!


6. Most People Will Spend About 2 Weeks of Their Lives Kissing

Did you know that most people will spend about two weeks of their lives kissing? That's 336 hours! We're assuming the statistic applies to people who have been in a relationship for a long time, so you're probably not quite there yet. We just think it'so interesting that during our lives we spend that amount of time locking lips with someone else.


7. Kissing Is Illegal in Some Places

It's a sad thought, but kissing is actually illegal to kiss in public in some countries around the world. In fact, it's a punishable offense in certain places and can land you in some serious trouble. Lucky for those of us who live in places where kissing is legal, we have the right to smooch our partners in public whenever we want. Just be mindful of where you're kissing!


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