9 Bizarre Fast Food Menu Mashups You'll (Not-So)-Secretly Want to Devour????????

Fast food has never really been known for its quality, but we inhale it nonetheless because it's easy, affordable and can be downright delicious.

But despite its caliber, fast food franchises have stepped up their game with all sorts of colors and combinations. Innovative new menu items have totally changed the way we look at the classic burger or burrito.

Foodies beware: This list of the weirdest fast food combos is so wrong it's right. 

1. The Whopperito

Burger King is about to launch their newest menu item based on their famous burger, the Whopper. The Whopperito is exactly what it sounds like: a Whopper swaddled in a flour tortilla to bring us a burrito-style burger. Is this new food fusion Yum! or Umm? Guess we'll find out on Aug. 15, when these bad boys come to a drive-thru near you–pickles and all.

Whopperito. 8/15. Get out of my way. #whopperito

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2. Mac and Cheetos

Since the Whopperito, the Mac and Cheetos were the most recent fusion phenomenon from Burger King. You may remember how the internet exploded back in June over these ooey, gooey cheesy Cheeto bites. Marketed as a take on the classic mozzarella stick, these babies did not disappoint. Bloggers and vloggers everywhere were purchasing these cheesy sticks to give their own personal review. Unfortunately, they were a limited supply only. Fingers crossed the King brings them back!


3. The Waffle Taco

Taco Bell was late to the breakfast game, but totally hit it out of the park with the now-no longer Waffle Taco. It looked like something your little brother would make for himself if left to his own devises, but your little brother is probably a genius. The taco shell was a waffle, filled with breakfast sausage, egg, cheese and of course, a saucy drizzle of maple syrup on top.

Taco Bell Breakfast is coming March 27. #WaffleTaco #WakeUpLiveMas

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4. Loaded Chicken Nuggets

When we used to think Jack in the Box, we used to think burgers. But then they changed the game by adding tacos to the menu and we accepted that because, well, why not? The fast food franchise has been stepping out of the box to bring us crazy fusions like the loaded chicken nuggets, which are essentially a plate of nachos made from chicken nuggets rather than tortilla chips. The nuggets are topped with two kinds of cheeses, bacon and drizzled with ranch. This late-night item hits the menu at 9:00 p.m., so be sure to take a drive thru after dinner.

Better than a pot of gold. #StPatricksDay

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5. Doritos Locos Tacos

Burger King may have made a splash by introducing everyone's favorite cheese puff to their menu, but Taco Bell has been playing that game for a while. I would personally like to thank whichever genius came up with the idea of adding Doritos flavors to their classic hard shell tacos. I mean, aren't corn tortillas basically tortilla chips anyway? You have the hard choice between Cool Ranch, Fiery or Nacho Cheese. Or, in total Pokemon style, order 'em all.

Taco with a side order of awesome.

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6. The Double Down

KFC went a little crazy with their new sandwich, the Double Down. Forget bread when you can have something better: breaded chicken! KFC replaced their usual potato bun for two thick pieces of breaded chicken. Inside this totally outside sandwich is bacon, two types of cheese and the Colonel's secret sauce. The question is, would Colonel Sanders consider this a home run or a fowl ball?


7. Mexican Pizza

Taco Bell is home of the Mexican Pizza. You may have seen this Mexi-Italian fusion at other restaurants, both fast and sit-down, but the chefs of Taco Bell were behind this masterpiece. This pizza is made of two crispy flour tortillas filled with ground beef and beans, topped with a red "pizza sauce" and sprinkled with three cheeses and tomatoes. Basically, everything you could want in life served on a tortilla.

In case you were in need of some Taco Bell…

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8. Chicken Fries and Rings

Burger King took the simple side of fries and onion rings and clucked them out. You can now get your chicken served in the form of thin fry-like strips or rings. This side really brings a new meaning to to the phrase "finger food."


9. Brunch Burger Combo

Last, but certainly not least is the Brunch Burger Combo from Jack in the Box. This late-night menu Munchie Meal brings fusion to the entire order. The burger itself is breakfast-themed: beef patty topped with hash brown, bacon, egg and cheese on a croissant bun. In the meal combo you also get two tacos and an order of fries–half curly, half regular. This mishmosh brings all other combos to shame.

Don't play around with late night hunger. Get a #MunchieMeal.

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