10 Weird Texting Habits We're All Guilty of Doing

Weird habits, everyone's got 'em.

Most of them are specific to who we are, but there are plenty we all have in common. This sentiment rings especially true when it comes to texting.

There are a wide variety of bizarre things we all partake in when we're texting every day, but there are only a handful that everyone's guilty of doing.

Scroll below to find out what they are!

1. Drafting Messages in Our Notes

There comes a time when a message is so critical that you can't mess it up. It has to be perfect or it's not worth sending anything at all. When that happens, we all tend to draft our message in our notes to be sure we get it right. Plus, we don't want the other person to see the three dots as we type then delete then type then delete then type, only to send a three word message.


2. Sending Various Convos to a Group Chat With Our Besties

Who better to turn to when you need advice on how to respond to a text than your besties? Sure, we could craft something on our own and we likely won't use anything they say, but it's still nice to get another opinion (or two or three or four) before sending a risky text. It also just makes it easier to keep them in the know.


3. Waiting a While to Respond to Not Seem Too Eager

Over the years, it's become somewhat of a sin to respond to a text right away. Why? Your guess is as good as ours, but it probably has something to do with the fact that humans are a very prideful lot. We have the most difficult time trying to swallow it, especially when it comes to texting. So, in order to not seem too eager, we wait and wait and wait, then wait some more to respond to a text. Need to keep the people on their toes.

Aria holding her phone and looking shocked after receiving a text from A on Pretty Little Liars

(Pretty Little Liars via Freeform)


4. Responding in Our Heads to a Text, but Forgetting to Send the Message

We can't even begin to recount the number of times we were busy doing something, saw a text notification, then responded to the message in our heads, but didn't actually send the message. We've all been there though. It happens to all of us more than we'd like to admit. We won't break our hot streak on Candy Crush for anyone, not even our crush.


5. Sending Rapid Fire Texts

Though double texting our crush is out of the question, sending rapid fire texts to our besties or family members isn't. If they won't respond to an important text right away, we'll keep sending them messages until they do. To say it's annoying would be an understatement, but will that stop us? Not if our lives depend on it.


6. Using Periods as a Passive-Aggressive Way to Let Someone Know We're Mad at Them

The easiest way to let someone know you're peeved at them without actually saying it is by sending a text that ends with a period. We all tend to not use any punctuation or use too many exclamation points (we'll get to that next), so when a text is sent with a period, the recipient knows something is definitely up. Rather than let them know, we send a text with a period to let them figure it out on their own. Done.

Petra holding her phone and looking up at the camera in disgust on Jane the Virgin

(Jane the Virgin via The CW)


7. Overusing Exclamation Points in Texts

On the flip side of being passive-aggressive by using periods, many of us opt to use way too many exclamation points to not seem mad in our texts. Even sad messages will end in an exclamation point, so the recipient doesn't think we're mad at them for any reason. Because the second we send something with a period, things can get weird.


8. Tacking a 'Haha' to the End of Every Text

And if using too many exclamation points wasn't enough, throwing a "haha" to the end of every message makes everything seem more fun and frivolous. Again, we don't want to come off as rude or mean, so the best way to avoid seeming harsh through texts is by laughing at everything we say. It may not always make sense, but it's just the way the texts get sent.


9. Abbreviating Everything

All the rules we learned in English class need not apply when it comes to texting. It's a lawless cyberland where anyone can do as they please. When it comes to grammar, everything you knew is tossed out the window. We all use way too many abbreviations, because we cannot be bothered to spell out "talk to you later" or "be right back" or "to be honest." Who have we all become?

Blair and Serena looking at Serena's phone on Gossip Girl

(Gossip Girl via The CW)


10. Sending a Text to Let Someone Know We Left a Voicemail Message

Although it's very rare, sometimes we'll need to call someone. If they don't pick up, we'll leave a voicemail… and we'll also text them letting them know we left a voicemail. We do this in hopes they'll get back to us sooner, but that seldom ever works. They get back to use whenever they want. In fact, they probably take longer, because we freaked them out by calling, leaving a voicemail and texting them. It's a lot for one person to handle.


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