Weird Things Girls Do At The Gym

Whether you're a workout fiend or more of a casual cardio fan, you may find yourself in a gym at least once in a while.

It's a unique place, one that sometimes feels more like a jungle full of jacked dudes and gym bunnies than it does a place where people go to prioritize their health, but nonetheless, the gym can be a bit of a haven for many of us.

With that said, there are a few things girls do in the gym that other people might find "weird" (although in reality, they don't even notice). If you, like many of us, are a girl who happens to be a regular gym-goer, you're probably doing at least a few of these things:

1. Constantly Adjusting Your Workout 'Fit

Athleisure has been a total game-changer when it comes to working out, giving us a reason to actually get excited to get dressed to go to the gym. However, no matter how cute those Lululemon or Aerie leggings you're sporting are, there's a good chance you find yourself tugging them up higher on your waist more often than you might realize. It's not even that they've started to fall down, it just feels necessary! The same can go for the straps of sports bras or other tops as well; but hey, at least you know you look good while adjusting your outfit!

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2. Avoiding Eye Contact With Everyone There

There is nothing most of us hate more when we're just trying to get a good workout in than having that workout interrupted by someone that tries to talk to us (especially if they're trying to flirt and/or hit on you). Because of that, we inadvertently try to avoid making accidental eye contact as much as possible. Plus, let's be honest, no one wants to be stared at while making those not-so-flattering cardio or weight-lifting faces.

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3. Tapping Along to Your Tunes

Music is everything at the gym, we know this. Whether your go-to pump playlist is full of Taylor Swift and Lizzo for some girl power inspiration or you go more hardcore with EDM and rap to keep you going, you might catch yourself tapping your fingers or feet to the beat of your music any time you take a break. Hey, anything's better than those guys who aggressively grunt like they're in pain while lifting, right?

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4. Scrolling Your Phone to Kill Time Between Sets

There are two types of people who need to kill time between sets: Those who jump right off the machine and wander in small circles, and those who remain seated and in place and scroll their phones for a moment. Whether you're simply switching the song or sending a quick DM to your best friend, it's a quick and simple way to use the time (while also avoiding eye contact with your fellow gym-goers, hence No. 2 on this list). Just don't be that person who hogs the machine because they've been texting or scrolling Instagram for the last ten minutes instead of actually using it (please).

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We all have our own unique gym habits, though, and the ones on this list might not even fit you. However, if you couldn't help but think "totally do that!" at least once, explore more about your gym habits (and what yours might be based on your zodiac sign) by clicking HERE.