12 Things You've Probs Done When You Were Super Tired

When you're sleepy beyond belief, your brain doesn't exactly function at full capacity. It's amazing how even the easiest of activities become a major struggle.

How many of these 12 sleepy scenarios have you endured yourself? Count em'! ????

Girl student sleeping on her books

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1. Put body wash (or worse, toothpaste) instead of shampoo in your hair while showering. It's an honest mistake!

2. Had to work at keeping your head from nodding and your eyes from fluttering while in class. You know the look:

3. Put orange juice instead of milk in your cereal. Bleh. ????

4. After making a bowl of cereal, you've placed the milk in the pantry and the cereal in the fridge.

5. Turned your alarm off without realizing it. Let's just say you were panic-stricken when you woke up hours later and realized what you had done.

6. Forgot some essential beauty step in the morning, i.e. put mascara on only one eye.

7. Woke up, showered and got dressed for school only to realize it was the weekend.

8. Put your clothes on totally backwards or inside out.

9. Entirely forgot your locker combination. ????

10. Walked into the boy's restroom by mistake. Total nightmare.

Restroom sign at school

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11. Caught yourself staring vacantly into space. Oops.

12. Put an object that is not your phone (oh, hello, banana peel!) up to your ear when it rang.


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