Welcome To New York Is Latest Taylor Swift Release!

In anticipation of Taylor Swift's 1989 album releasing on October 27, she released yet another track, "Welcome To New York" earlier this week!welcome to new york taylor swift

"Welcome To New York" is the follow up to the catchy single "Shake It Off" and the dark and powerful "Out Of the Woods."

Co-written and co-produced by Ryan Tedder of One Republic, it's reminiscent of great 80s pop, backed by a playful and happy-go-lucky synth sound.

The song was inspired by the city of New York, where Taylor has spent much of her non-tour time over the last couple of years. The lyrics paint the city as an electric place of reinvention, where people can discover their unlimited potential.

Taylor teased the track with an adorable drawing on lined notebook paper. It features a city skyline sprinkled with stars above a handwritten lyric from the song!

1989 releases on October 27 and we absolutely can't wait to see what else Taylor has to offer this time around!

Listen to "Welcome To New York" here and join our Swifty community at Sweety High!