Wellness Expert Explains Her Big Issue With a Popular Food Trend

Hilary Duff, Busy Philipps and a slew of additional leading ladies are coming together on Feb. 1 in Downtown Los Angeles to discuss all things health and wellness at #BlogHer Health.

Among the lengthy list of participants is Nicole Cogan, founder of NoBread.com, a platform for sharing her gluten-free recipes, tips and other healthy tidbits.

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We caught up with Nicole, leading up to tomorrow's discussion, and she gave us the lowdown on her fave snacks, the best (and worst) health trends, her take on using "plant-based" versus "vegan," and so much more.

Keep reading for everything she had to say!

Sweety High: What was the initial message you wanted to send your followers when you started NoBread?

Nicole Cogan: My motto is, "Just because your life has to be affected, doesn't mean your lifestyle has to be." When I first started NoBread, however, my goal was to find gluten-free options in restaurants and in stores, and to make the gluten-free experience easier for those who had to follow the diet.

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SH: How would you describe your lifestyle in three words?

NC: Balance, Exciting, Real


SH: What are the biggest wellness trends that have disappointed you?

NC: Keto! I'll be the first to admit I gave in to the trend. The results? An unhealthy relationship with food. Food is not meant to be counted and calculated. It is meant to nourish our bodies and souls. I began to fear carbs and anything that may put me "out" of ketosis. Not only did it mess with my mind, but it messed with my hormones, too! I firmly believe women need carbs!


SH: What are the wellness trends that sound too good to be true, but actually work?

NC: Gluten-free! Struggling with a stubborn health issue that you can't shake? Go gluten-free… for at least three weeks and see how you feel. Gluten-free living benefits way more than just those with Celiac Disease.

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SH: What's your take on people using the term "plant-based" vs. "vegan"?

NC: In a society and culture that's all about extreme diets and fads, using the word plant-based feels less intense. It endorses the vegan lifestyle, but in a flexible way.


SH: What'always in your shopping cart at the grocery store?

NC: Almond butter, raspberries, avocado, sweet potato, wild salmon, nut milk, zucchini, cauliflower, turkey burgers, Siete chips and Go Macros Bars.

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SH: What does it take to really excel professionally in the wellness space?

NC: To excel in wellness, it means you're living your true, authentic life. True wellness also means living in balance. It's allowing yourself to live and indulge, while also maintaining overall wellness philosophies and goals.


SH: If you could do your wellness career path over again, what would you do differently?

NC: I love where I'm at today. Every decision and experience I've had in life thus far has made me into this person I love so much today, so I wouldn't change a minute of it!


SH: If you're in the mood for something carb-y, what are your go-to snacks?

NC: Sweet potato chips, Siete Chips, Rhythm Veggie Chips (carrot and cauliflower). If you're wondering, no, I don't crave gluten-free bread [laughs].


SH: Anything else you want to share about yourself, your business or wellness in general?

NC: I hope to inspire people to live their best lives, despite whatever challenges they may face! And I try to make it look fun—and delicious—along the way.


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