Were Douglas Booth And Miley Cyrus An Item?

Douglas Booth is an up-and-coming British model/actor who stars in the movie L.O.L. alongside pop star Miley Cyrus.

He was rumored to be dating the starlet prior to her getting back with ex-flame Liam Hemsworth. He shares the real story and what he thinks of the ex-Disney star.

On what he thinks of his co-star and rumored love, Miley Cyrus:

"She's very hardworking. She's like a 30-year-old in her mind. She made [over] $20 million last year, but she's very down to earth and very humble. You know, she broke her iPhone and her mom wouldn't give her a new one, and Miley was like, 'Oh gosh, how much is that gonna cost?' And I'm like, 'Um, sorry?' She doesn't waste her money at all. She drives a Hybrid… as opposed to having a fleet of cars like I would. I'm not going to lie."

On the rumors that he and Miley were an item:

"You know, I thought it might happen. One morning, I had a call from Luke, my publicist, going, 'The papers are saying you're dating Miley Cyrus. Is it true?' But no, the rumors weren't true."

On his free and continuously expanding wardrobe:

"It's great but I've kind of lost touch with buying clothes. The other day my mom was telling me how she'd spent [almost] $1000 on clothes and I was like, 'How can you spend that much on clothes?' But then I look at what I get given and realize I'd probably be bankrupt if I had to buy it myself. My wardrobe is ever-expanding."

Sounds like quite the lucky guy! Getting free clothes and the chance to hang out with Miley Cyrus? We also hear that Douglas is set to co-star with Hailee Steinfeld in the 2012 remake of Romeo & Juliet!

We are totally jealous, especially since Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick is set to play in that movie as well.