Emblem3's Wesley Stromberg Reveals What We Can Expect From His First Solo Tour

Emblem3's Wesley Stromberg is going solo.

Wes embarks on his first-ever tour without his band starting tonight, Nov. 1, 2016, and we caught up with the singer-songwriter to find out what inspired the tour, and what we can expect to see.


Wesley Stromberg posing with skateboard

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Sweety High:  Have have you grown, as a person and as an artist, since we first met you on the set of The X Factor?

Wesley Stromberg:  X Factor changed my life completely. I have matured massively as a person since then and have had to take life by the reigns and learn to navigate it all properly.

There are definitely a lot of pressures with fame and being a role model. I don't want to let anyone down. I try to do my best and take it all day by day.

As far as being a musical artist, touring has helped me hone my craft since X Factor. I've gotten so much better as a performer and songwriter. I feel like I've really defined my sound and who I want to be going forward as an artist.


SH: What inspired you to go on a solo tour?

WS: I want to start building my own Wesley Stromberg brand. Being in a group, you can get lost in the mix because it's all about the unity. Going on a solo tour is about me making a stance that I am my own singer-songwriter, too.


SH: How will your solo vibe be different from when you play with E3?

WSIt will definitely have flavors of E3 but from one person's perspective —my sound, my lyrics, my voice. Of course there are similarities to Emblem3, but with a more focused, mature vibe.

Wesley Stromberg with guitar in front of fans at concert

(Photo Credit: Ted McColl)

SH: Are you nervous about going solo?

WSDefinitely! You're always nervous about new experiences and uncharted waters, but honestly I am more excited than nervous. I just want to get out there and see the fans' reaction to hearing my voice and songs and inspire others to chase their dreams, too.


SH: Anything you can tease about the tour?

WSSpencer Sutherland is going on the full tour with me—he has written songs for E3 in the past and is a great friend of mine.

The songs that I will be playing were all written about things that I've been through in my life with my band, with my family, with relationships and even the future.


SH: Can we expect any solo track releases any time soon? 

WS: Yes! I don't have a specific release date yet but I plan on dropping solo tracks around the tour, so stay tuned.
Check out the tour dates below to see if he's playing near you.

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