Icona Pop Kicks Off Our New Music Friday With a Fun-Filled Bang

Each week we bring you our top five new music releases of the week, and this Friday is continues to keep things exciting.

We're sure like the rest of the world you're jamming out to Lady Gaga's masterpiece Joanne, but we want you to pause Mother Monster's new album to give the following tunes a chance.

We guarantee they won't disappoint, so listen NOW!

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1. "Brightside" by Icona Pop

The pop duo is no stranger to releasing upbeat anthems that get us moving, but they may have outdone themselves with their single "Brightside." It's all about being the positive influence in someone's life, which is something we all should aspire to do.


2. "No Matter What" by Little Monarch

Feeling down? Listening to "No Matter What" by indie pop band Little Monarch will give you the push you need to turn your bad day around with its enthusiastic lyrics and catchy chorus.


3. "Stronger" by Stef Lang

Pop artist Stef Lang has blown us away with her powerful single "Stronger." Like many of you, Stef has endured plenty of hardships in her life, but she never let that break her down. She rose like a phoenix from the ash to become the girl she is today. Definitely a must listen if you're experiencing some turmoil in your life at the moment.


4. "Find What You're Looking For" by Olivia O'Brien

We've all been in the position where we realize the guy or gal we're crushing on isn't who we initially desired. Singer-songwriter Olivia O'Brien's smooth tune "Find What You're Looking For" emphasizes the importance of realizing we should let these people go if they're really not what we want.


5. "The Middle" by Wet

If you've never heard of indie pop group Wet, allow us to introduce you to them. You'll immediately fall in love with the lead singer's incredible and harrowing vocals, especially on their new song "The Middle." We could go on and on about these guys, but we'll just let their music do the talking.


Listen to these jams always and forever with a little help from the Spotify playlist below.


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