Wet n' Wild's Zombie Blush Changes Colors, Making It Perfect for Halloween

It's (almost) time to get in the Halloween spirit, and thanks to Wet N' Wild's recent launch, channeling your inner spookiness is little bit easier.

The makeup company debuted its new 80-piece Fantasy Makers collection on Thursday, September 18, and each item is dedicated to helping you look amazing this All Hallow's Eve, whether you plan to go dressed as a ghoulish goblin or regal queen.

The expansive collection includes vibrant body crayons, several different palettes designed to add a pop of color to your face and eyes, multiple highlighting powders and more, but the item we're most intrigued about is easily the Color Icon Shade Shifting Blush—AKA Zombie Blush.

The item likely gets its creepy name from the greenish-black hue it has in the palette, but there's much more to it than meets the eye. Though it might be hard to believe given what the blush looks like at first glance, it actually changes to a beautiful rosy pink once it's applied to your cheeks.

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"Work your magic this Halloween with our new Color Icon Shade Shifting Zombie Blush. Don't believe your eyes, this transformative blush is more than what is seems," the product description reads. "Complete your ghoulish look with a sweep of rich color that changes color right before your eyes."

This shade-shifting blush is on sale for just $5.99. In fact, the whole Fantasy Makers collection is super affordable, with no one item costing more than $5.99. Basically, it's a Halloween game-changer!


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