What Do the Members Of One Direction Want For Christmas?

Shandra here! Have you ever wondered what the boys of One Direction have on their Christmas lists! In a recent interview with MTV, they revealed it all!

It turns out that the boys don't want much at all! "I'm not really looking for anything for Christmas," Niall Horan said. "I think we all kind of agree… we're all really looking forward to just going home and like spending Christmas with our family and friends."

He summed up his ideal Christmas vacation as "Just chilling. General Chilling."

The band's Harry Styles wasn't so quick to give up his chance at a Christmas gift.

"I just asked for pants," Harry said.  "If you're on the road you always run out of pants and socks."

But how does he run out of socks? Band member Zayn Malik was quick to answer.

"I can never be bothered like taking a big suitcase," Zayn admitted. "I nick all the other boys' clothes."

I love it! Do you have any special Christmas wishes involving One Direction?