What Does @Sweetyhigh, @GLEEonFOX, and @BRITNEYSPEARS Have in Common?

As we all know by now, Britney Spears landed her own Glee episode that she is starring in. If you haven't seen Glee yet (which you all should!), you know that they take some of the artists hit songs and remake them into their own fabulous pieces.

Now you are wondering 'Where does Sweety High fit in?'–well let us tell you! The founder of Sweety High , Veronica Zelle, was one of the top music video producers in Hollywood, and worked with an array of super-talents. Are the pieces falling into place yet? If they're not they will very soon!

Zelle actually produced Britney Spears hit video for "Me Against The Music" featuring none other than Madonna herself, and Britney recently tweeted photos of her on set with Heather Morris in the the Britney-Madonna stance. When Veronica saw this picture she thought to herself, "Deja vu!"Get it!? Here's a re-cap:  Britney is going to be on Glee and they are going to perform "Me Against The Music"- the music video that Veronica Zelle, the founder of Sweety High, produced!

If you have any questions, be sure to message Veronica.