5 Ways to Make Self-Expression Through Fashion Your Superpower

By Tess DiNapoli


Self-expression is an important and necessary part of the human experience.

It can help us process emotions, make life decisions and navigate the ups and downs of our day-to-day lives—so when given the chance to express ourselves through fashion, we can use the opportunity to our advantage. When your style expresses your true self, it's kind of like an everyday superpower. Read on to discover how to empower yourself through the fashion choices you make every day.

1. Building Self Confidence

We've all had days when we woke up feeling more frumpy than fabulous, but somehow, inexplicably, putting on our favorite red corduroy jumper immediately gave us that confidence boost to ask out our secret crush. It's no surprise that what we wear affects our mood, as there have been numerous studies linking our feelings and well-being to what we wear.

When we are in a particular mood, we are often drawn to wearing certain colors. When we wear our most tailored suit or those perfectly fitting jeans, it can give us that added comfort to step out into the world with next-level confidence. Wear what makes you feel your best, and you truly can accomplish incredible things.

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2. Encouraging Fearlessness

An easy way to express your individuality and overcome your insecurities is by making bold choices in your fashion. Throw on that pink feather boa with your preppy button-up shirt and plaid, pleated skirt and embrace it with a "haters gonna hate" attitude. Because we live in a world where it aesthetic choices can be heavily judged, brave fashion choices can help you combat fear even in the frilliest of places. So while that feather boa may be silky smooth on your skin, it's also a powerful statement of self-affirmation. Wearing your favorite suit can give you that extra push of confidence when it's time to ask for a raise from your boss. And rocking that glammy dress when you know you're going to run into your ex can be the power move that keeps your head held high.

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3. Embracing Body Positivity

The fashion choices we make can help us recognize how truly unique and fabulous we are. For example, when we are in a state of joy, we want to express it outwardly, such as when you put on a piece of clothing that showcases your gloriously strong arms. You put in the hours at the gym and worked hard to achieve those sweat stains, baby! That body positivity resonates well beyond the material of the clothing.

While dressing for an occasion is one thing, fashion as a means of self-love is radical self-care. Functional clothing can even help our bodies feel better—think of the most comfortable bra you've ever worn and how good it makes you feel about yourself.

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4. Expressing Eco-Consciousness

Today, fast fashion is a huge leader in contributing to waste on the planet. According to recent studies, the production of new fashion makes up nearly 10% of carbon emissions. It pollutes rivers and streams and dries up water sources. But there is a smarter way to show your creativity through fashion and still remain eco-minded on our little blue marble.

Lauryn Strobel, the creator and owner of Love Khaos, a unique and ethically-made festival fashion brand, has this to say about the power of fashion and self-expression:

"Fashion should empower you with confidence and give you a sense of self. It should encourage a new kind of conscious, responsible consumption of fashion. The act of wearing sustainable fashion is not only an expression of self-love, but a love for the planet, as well."

-Lauryn Strobel


5. Reducing Stress Through Comfortable Fashion

Thanks to the pandemic, over the past few years, most of the population has spent a substantial amount of time in sweatpants. We can collectively agree on how supportive, both physically and emotionally, a comfortable outfit can be. Whether you're working out in your tried-and-true leggings that give you the booty of your dreams or you've bundled up in your coziest of sweaters journaling on a rainy day, fashion can function as a proverbial hand to hold when needed. Our fashion choices deliver a tangible physical experience that does everything from increasing our bodies' comfort to helping us reduce decision fatigue to having lasting symbolic meaning in our lives. Remember what you wore to prom? Yeah, you might be cringing, but you remember.

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Why It Matters

Expressing ourselves through fashion allows us to tap into all of these incredible feelings, and more—and that matters, because when it comes to feelings, we have a lot of them, running the gamut from joy to sadness, comfort and empowerment. Plus, our fashion choices can also inspire others.  We wear clothing to celebrate our moods and the fearless and unique dimensions of our personalities. If you haven't taken time lately to get expressive through your fashion choices, start today. Endless possibilities await!

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