Here's What Your Fave School Subject Reveals About You

Some of you love school, some of you loathe it entirely—but we all have that one subject that makes the school day a little bit more tolerable.

What we bet you didn't know is your fave subject reveals a lot about who you are.

Scroll below to find the subject you enjoy most and discover what it has to say about your personality.


You're as curious as they come. You want to know how everything works, so you're constantly taking things apart and putting them back together to see what makes them tick. Highly inquisitive, you're always asking questions, whether it's in class or just trying to get to know people. There's no such thing as a dumb question, so keep on asking away. One day you'll know everything there is to know.

Kids doing an experiment in science class

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You're insanely intelligent and one of the brightest pupils in your class. You're an incredibly hard worker and thoroughly diligent when it comes to what you do. Not to mention, you're also an excellent problem solver. Your friends always turn to you when they are feeling a little lost and need some advice on where to go. Plus, you're an great mediator when two of your friends are fighting.

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Language Arts

You let your imagination run wild, but no one really knows this except you. You're much more of an introvert than you are an extrovert. While you do have plenty of friends, you'd much rather spend your days buried in a good book rather than out exploring the world. Your favorite adventures are the ones you read about in novels. Chances are you also enjoy writing, and will become one of the greatest in the future.

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You're obviously creative, but you're pretty sensitive when it comes to just about everything. Shy in nature, only those really close to you know how fun you can be. You're not one to put yourself out there, that's what your art is for. Everything you want to say is in your paintings, drawings, ceramics, etc. That's the only time you'll express your feelings and lay it all out on the line.

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It's not a stretch to say you have a flair for the dramatic and enjoy being the center of attention, but you're also more complex than others realize. There are a ton of different layers to your personality, making you a bit of a mystery. You have an innate understanding for what motivates people to act the way they are and you use that to your full advantage. But sometimes you watch others so closely that you become a background character in your own life.

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No surprise here, you're quite the athlete. You're always keeping active whether than be working out, volunteering, hanging out with friends or getting ahead on your homework. You're as positive as they come, always sporting a bright smile on your face. Others tend to gravitate towards your warm personality, because you inspire them to be their best. You're also the most competitive person out there. Losing is not in your vocabulary.

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Foreign Language

You're very calculated. Everything you do is to ensure you are incredibly well off in the future. You are the most hardworking individual out there, and one of the brightest, too. But sometimes you think way too far ahead that you forget to live in the moment and enjoy the now. You love your comfort zone more than anything, but getting outside of it will help you grow as a person and make you that much more successful.

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You want nothing more than to make the world a better place. In order to do so you understand that we must examine our past to set forth a positive future. Sometimes you do tend to dwell on the past, which makes you sad fairly often. You yearn to discover why people act the way they do, so you're always putting yourself in people's shoes to understand where they're coming from. You're levelheaded, so you can hold your ground in any argument.

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You are passionate and a true individual. You know how you are and aren't afraid to express yourself to the world around you. You have your opinions about everything and will stand by them till the end. You are also super smart, but you think differently than most people, meaning not everyone will understand your intelligence.

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