This Is What Your Favorite Sport Says About You

From the foods we eat to the movies we watch, everything we like reveals a ton about our personality, including sports.

The sport you enjoy playing or watching most gives others a glimpse of the type of person you are.

Ready to find out what your fave sport reveals about you? Get to scrolling!


You're a no-nonsense individual and know exactly where you want to be 10 years from now. Once you set your sights on something, there is no stopping you. The future is always on your mind, so everything you do is to ensure a positive one for yourself.

Football laying on a field

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Just like on the field, you're quick on your feet off it, too. You always know what to do and won't hesitate to act. You're also disciplined and stick to a strict schedule. Everything you do is always done on time, if not way before the deadline. Your organization skills are unparalleled.

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You're incredibly patient. If anyone knows that good things come to those who wait, it's you. While this doesn't stop you from working hard, you understand things take time. Nothing spectacular ever comes quickly or easily, which you're more than aware of. You definitely believe in quality over quantity.

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You're a bit aggressive. You have the tendency to dominate any conversation you're in, because you love to talk about yourself. You do live a pretty interesting life, so why wouldn't others want to hear about it? You're vastly independent, so often times it's your way or the highway. Compromising is not your strong suit, but you're working on it.

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Passionate to a fault, you will always support the people and things you adore most in this world. While you may come off a bit brash initially, those who spend a lot of time with you know you're really just a big softy. You're definitely the epitome of sarcastic though.

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There's always a reason behind everything you do. You're not carefree in the slightest, but that's totally cool. You're always the smartest person in the room, even if that room were filled with the brightest minds on the planet.

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You crave constant attention and affection. Praise is always welcome, no matter who it's from. You're deeply concerned with what others think of you, so you try your best to be the person everyone can't help but like. Just remember that wolves don't lose sleep over the opinions of sheep, so try to be more like a wolf from time to time.

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You're incredibly strong, both mentally and physically. Nothing, and we mean nothing, can break your spirit. You're also a bit of a loner, spending your days watching obscure TV shows and movies that no one else has ever heard of. You're unique and hate the idea of blending in with the crowd.

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You're pretty preppy. Chances are you're involved in a ton of different extracurricular activities. You know they look good on college applications and will get you far in life, which makes the lack of free time worth it to you.

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You're a total team player. You work best in a group and are generally the leader for all group assignments because you know other people's strengths. Because you play well with others, the thought of being alone even for a second leaves a bad taste in your mouth. You're always surrounded by people—friends, family or even strangers.

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You probably already knew this, but you pretty much fit the surfer stereotype. While you are competitive, you're a relatively laidback and chill person who lives by the phrase "hakuna matata." After all, why stress when you can enjoy life? You'll get by one wave at a time.

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