What Girls Are Really Thinking By Cimorelli!

In Cimorelli's latest video, Lauren and Dani  Cimorelli help their viewers decipher "What Girls Are Really Thinking!"What Girls Are Really Thinking

"Sometimes girls don't say what they're really thinking," Lauren explains at the beginning of the video.

"Sometimes they say the opposite of what they're thinking," Dani adds.

The rest of the video is a pretty great guide to find out when girls aren't saying exactly what they're thinking!

"You can tell a girl likes you if she's spazzing our in your presence, acting like she doesn't care when she's around you, if she hits you a lot, always seems to be hunting you down everywhere you are, or acting like she hates you," Dani says as Lauren acts out each of the steps. I think we've all been there!

They also give advice on letting girls vent, the secret code of texting, and more!

Watch the video below and tell us if you think it's accurate, and if you missed Lisa Cimorelli's latest makeup tutorial check it out here!