What Your Go-To Lipstick Shade Reveals About You

From the clothes you wear to the music you listen to, your favorite things are very telling of the person you are. Even your go-to lipstick shade sheds some light on your personality.

Curious to know what rocking a red, pink, purple or black lip says about you? Scroll below to find out!


You're a truly passionate and ambitious person, if you're all about sporting a bold red lip. You'll do whatever it takes to reach your goals. The thing people first notice about you when they meet you is your unwavering confidence. You know you're one kick-butt person, so you don't ever question your worth.



Opting for a soft pink lipstick means you're as sweet as can be. You're more adorable than every cute baby animal on the planet. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. Your kind and caring nature makes you one of the best friends anyone could ever have. You also tend to be pretty sensitive, as you practically wear your heart on your sleeve… er, lips.

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Because you love a classic nude lip, it's obvious you tend to be a bit shy. But once people really get to know you, they realize how fun and exciting you are. You tend to have a few close besties, rather than a ton of friends from different walks of life. You'd much rather stay in and watch Netflix than hit up a party.



You're a totally optimistic individual if you're a fan of peach shades. Your sunny disposition always lifts everyone's spirit. None of your friends ever stay down for long with you by their side. You tend to put others' needs above your own, always offering a shoulder to cry on or volunteering in your local community. Everyone admires your efforts to make the world a better place.

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Those who wear purple lipstick often tend to be diplomatic individuals. There's no problem you can't solve, especially when it comes to drama that arises in your friend group. Your friends and family members always turn to you when they need some solid advice, because they know you'll never steer them wrong.

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You're definitely a bit of a dark person if you sport black lipstick whenever you can, but it's not a bad thing. You have a sarcastic sense of humor that everyone finds hilarious, even when they're the butt of your jokes. You're a bit of a loner, but you like keeping it that way, seeing as you're pretty guarded with your heart. You don't play by anyone else's rules except your own. Sorry, not sorry!

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If you're a coral lipstick-lover, you prefer to spend your days outdoors. Nature is your best friend because why would you want to spend your time cooped up indoors when you can experience all life has to offer? You're up for anything and would follow your friends to the ends of the earth. Adventure is out there and you intend on finding it.



Because you can't step out of the house without wearing some shade of mauve, you're clearly mysterious. You tend to keep to yourself, though you have quite a few friends. No one really knows your deep, dark secrets, but you like keeping things that way. You have some pretty big dreams you hope to achieve, so you don't like engaging in anything that will distract you from doing so.



If you're not about wearing lipstick and tend to moisturize your lips with a simple chapstick, you're a pretty laid-back individual. You crave comfort over everything else, so you rarely ever do anything that scares you. Change isn't your friend, but that's okay. You're a truly reliable individual, always delivering on the promises you've made.


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