Here's What Happened When I Met My Style Icon

Sometimes I have to take a minute and remember how cool my job really is.

Over the course of my career, I've had the privilege of meeting, interviewing and befriending some of the biggest celebrities, fashion icons and beauty gurus in the world, including my all time style icon, Rachel Zoe.

Growing up, I was constantly reading magazines like Us Weekly and People, and loved reading all the details about celebrities' red carpet outfits and who styled them. There was one name I kept reading in the credits—Rachel Zoe—and I quickly became well versed in her signature '70s ensembles and all of the major stars she dressed on and off the red carpet.

As the years progressed, the world soon fell for all things Rachel Zoe, thanks to her hit Bravo reality show The Rachel Zoe Project, which started airing in 2008. Rachel became a household name and the most powerful stylist in Hollywood.

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The height of Rachel's fame came when I was in college, and I remember thinking how cool it would be to meet her one day. Little did I know back then that not only would I get to meet her, I would interview her dozens of times, get to sit front row at her fashion shows and she would even know me by name. The 19-year-old in me is screaming as I re-read that line I just wrote.

Allison McNamara Rachel Zoe Interview POPSGUAR

(via POPSUGAR YouTube)

Allison McNamara Rachel Zoe Interview

(via POPSUGAR Youtube)

So you're probably wondering… what's she like? What was it like meeting her for the first time? I first interviewed Rachel at New York Fashion Week in Sept. 2010. It was my first time attending NYFW as an on-camera reporter, and nervous is just the tip of the iceberg of what I felt at the time. I remember spotting Rachel backstage at Alexander Wang, and felt so terrified to go up and interview this person I looked up to and watched for so many years. But I knew I had to push myself if I was going to progress in my career as a reporter. And also, who wouldn't want to chat with the queen of style?

I mustered up the courage to tap her on the shoulder and ask her for a quick interview. Phew, she so kindly obliged! The second we started talking I instantly calmed down. She was the most kind, genuine, funny and relatable person. I don't remember what we talked about because usually when you're super nervous, you sort of black out.

But I do remember how she made me feel—welcomed, which isn't something you usually feel from the fashion crowd. We chatted for much longer than I anticipated, and looking back, she was so sweet and patient with me as I navigated one of my first on-camera NYFW interviews.

Since then, I have been attending NYFW every season and have interviewed her countless times: before her first-ever fashion presentation, before her first child and after her second boy. I've attended parties and events, interviewed her on red carpets, at department stores, and most recently got invited to sit front row at her fashion show here in L.A.

I'll tell you this: Rachel Zoe is a total class act, and I'm so happy that my career has allowed me to meet and get to know such interesting and talented people. It just goes to show you never know what lies ahead in your future, and meeting your icon can totally happen, even if it seems far out of reach at the moment.

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