What Makes U Useful With One Direction!

One Direction recently recorded a number of scenes for their upcoming Sesame Street appearance in the fall, and now Directioners have their first glimpse of a great song about the letter U called What Makes U Useful!What Makes U Useful

In a new clip, Liam, Louis and Harry start a song all about the usefulness of the letter U to the tune of their hit single "What Makes You Beautiful!"

We have the lyrics here!

This letter's U

You know it's true

It starts some words

There are more than a few


U starts "uh"

And "ugh", "up"

U starts "udon"

There's some in this cup


26 letters are in the alphabet

But we're here to sing about U…

We are absolutely loving this first hilarious clip, and can't wait for more! Join us at Sweety High to share your excitement with us!