What Does the 😊 Emoji Mean?

A sweet, blushing smiley face that's hard to ignore? Yes, we're talking about the 😊 emoji, a staple in most people's texting library.

What 😊 smiling face with smiling eyes emoji means in texting

What 😊 Means

Ever wondered what exactly 😊 means? Overall, the "smiling face with smiling eyes" emoji is a pretty solid expression of genuine happiness, conveying warm and positive feelings for both the sender and receiver. It can be used when receiving a compliment or even just when telling someone to have a good night.


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😊 From a Guy

If you get this closed smile in a text from your guy crush, you can relax knowing that they're probably pretty excited about you. It's a genuine emoji that doesn't carry the same sassiness as other smileys, like the πŸ™‚.


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😊 From a Girl

On the other hand, girls tend to be more likely to use 😊 in more contexts. Your crush might use it to express that she's feeling cheerful or generally content about a situationβ€”but if she's using it a lot to express that she's pleased withΒ you, it might mean she likes you back.


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