What Does the 😏 Emoji Mean?

Have you ever been sent the 😏 smirking face emoji and wondered what it meant?

What 😏 emoji means


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What 😏 Means

This smirking little face usually means that something is implied below the surfaceβ€”often some sort of innuendo. This smirking smiley can be used as an extra-flirty version of the winky face πŸ˜‰. Generally, you can interpret this smirking emoji as being sly, smug or generally "up to no good."Β 


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😏 From a Guy

From a guy, the 😏 emoji can come off as snide and/or cool, especially when someone is breaking the rules. However, it could also be a sign he's interested in you.


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😏 From a Girl

From a girl, 😏 might be either friendly and playful or slightly flirtatious, especially if they're acting rebellious.  Remember that context is key!


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😏 From a Friend

From a friend, 😏 is often more of a mischievous look than anything else.


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