What Gen Z Thinks the Early 2000s Looked Like Vs. What It Actually Looked Like

The early '2000s have inspired a fashion movement in 2021.

From velour tracksuits to butterfly hair clips and baby tees to platform sandals, the early '00s were quite the time to be alive. And we couldn't be happier the fashion from that time is making a comeback! But guess what? Even though it'inspired by those times, doesn't mean that's what it actually looked like back in the day.

In fact, the early 2000s were pretty cringe-worthy if we're being honest. Don't believe us? Keep scrolling to find out what fashion in the early '00s actually looked like.

Layered shirts and low-rise jeans were interesting, to say the least:


Ed Hardy was the most popular graphic tee brand:


Monochromatic looks weren't as you'd expect:


Going out with your girlfriends meant wearing these types of dresses:


Plaid skirts, Ugg boots, sequin bags and puffer vests were life:


Paris serving looks in a flowy skirt, floral top and mini purse was everything:


Going to the MTV Movie Awards in style like the Duff sisters:


Velour tracksuits weren't quite as chic as you'd think:


Yes, Dolce and Gabanna actually made this shirt that JoJo rocked on the red carpet:


Scrunched hair and straight bangs was a vibe:


Rocking a skirt over jeans meant you were a risk-taker back in the day:


Denim on denim was not a vibe:


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