What Does the 🤞 Emoji Mean?

Instead of saying "fingers crossed" when you're hoping for something, why not express that sentiment with an emoji?

What the 🤞 Fingers Crossed Emoji Means in Texting


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What 🤞 Means

Whatever device it is you're messaging on, the 🤞 emoji is sure to come in handy at some point. Even if you don't use it yourself, it's good to know that the symbol can mean any form of the following:

  • A wish for good luck
  • Hoping for a desirable outcome in a certain situation
  • Being super close to or tight with someone
  • A lie (crossing fingers behind the back)


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🤞 From a Crush

Trying to decode a crossed-fingers emoji from your crush? Whether they're a guy or a girl, chances are that you're not going to face too many surprises when dealing with this classic emoji. If they're not referencing the usual meanings to do with luck and wishful thinking, dig a little deeper. Your crush may use it to let you know they're fibbing to someone else, while letting you in on the real truth. On the other hand, if your crush says that you and them are like 🤞, they likely consider you one of their closest friends—and maybe even something more.


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