What Does the 🤩 Emoji Mean?

Are you seeing stars?  The 🤩 emoji certainly is.

What the 🤩 grinning face with star eyes emoji means in texting

What 🤩 Means

This starry-eyed emoji is a happy one, and it's pretty much always a good thing to see. In fact, it can mean any of the following:

  • Being starstruck
  • In awe of something or someone
  • Being pleasantly surprised or stunned
  • Being impressed

All in all, 🤩 typically signifies intense enthusiasm for whatever someone is looking at, and is a common accompaniment to celebrity sightings and general adoration.


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🤩 From a Friend

If you get texted a 🤩  from your best friend on your latest selfie, consider them wowed by how amazing you look! They might also shoot this emoji your way to show that they're impressed with your achievements, whether you just aced an exam or placed first in some kind of contest.


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🤩 From a Crush

Getting a lot of 🤩 emojis from your crush? That may not be the best sign, as it can be viewed as a slightly watered-down version of the 😍, with the lovey-dovey connotations less present. It just may mean that they see you as a good friend and want to boost you up, but don't quite view you in a romantic way.


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