What Does the πŸ€— Emoji Mean?

Is it a hug? Is it a celebration? Is it just an extra enthusiastic hello?

One particular emoji can mean it all (and so much more). Yes, we're talking about πŸ€—.

What the πŸ€— hugging face emoji means

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What πŸ€— Means

The "hugging face" emoji typically represents positive sentiments such as:

  • Hugging
  • Affection
  • Comfort
  • Gratitude
  • Friendliness
  • Praise
  • Admiration
  • Joy

However, like all emojis, individuals can use them in ways that don't exactly translate to the originally intended meaning. For example, πŸ€— is often used as a form of "jazz hands" or other ultra-excited action. In general, though, the hugging emoji is a loving, friendly and caring symbol that can be used with almost anyone you might text.


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πŸ€— From a Girl

Watch out for πŸ€— if you're texting a girl you're crushing on, because it can meanΒ soΒ many different things based on the context. Maybe she's using it to represent a hugβ€”but is that a friendly hug or a romantic one? Maybe it means she's happy about something and celebrating. It can even signal something like "back off" if you're being a little too playful or flirty in a way that's making her uncomfortable. Basically, if you're not quite sure what she means to say, you may have to rely on being direct and just asking.


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πŸ€— From a Guy

Lucky for all of us, if you get a πŸ€— emoji from a guy, chances are that things are a little more straightforward. It will almost always represent a virtual hug, and may even signal a bit of flirting.


It's also a variation of another popular emoji: 😊. You can learn all about this particular blushing face by clicking HERE.