What the Instrument You Play Says About You

Playing an instrument already makes you a pretty interesting person—after all, it takes a lot of brainpower as well as straight-up talent, no matter what your instrument of choice may be.

But with so many options out there you could have chosen, what exactly does the instrument you play say about you? Here are some thoughts:


People who play the violin have star power, it's that simple. Like the way that sopranos have a certain "look at me" attitude when it comes to a chorus, violins bring that same energy to an orchestra. The high pitch that the violin reaches really steals the show, but it's also powerful enough for solo pieces that can rock any audience.

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The cello is the underrated hero of the string instruments, the one that is just as good on its own as it is carrying the weight of the whole orchestra section. If you play the cello, you're probably a hard worker who has great taste. You're probably also a bit physically stronger than your violin and viola counterparts, as carrying that case around campus is no joke.



An observation: people who play the most delicate of wind instruments (like the flute and clarinet) are aloof, interesting and delicate themselves. They're a rare group that knows how to capture a room with the right tune, just like they can capture a room simply with their presence. These people also tend to be a bit more quiet, but get them in the right setting and they'll just shine like the light off their instrument during a big show.

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People who play the guitar just have that cool girl energy that makes them seem creative and attractive and helps them draw people in effortlessly. However, guitar people can also tend to be a bit much sometimes, as they like to be the center of attention and can make any conversation be about them (the way the guitar can take over any song—they don't call it a guitar solo for nothing).



Elegant, beautiful, classy and intelligent are just a few words to describe piano people. This instrument takes a lot of dedication to master, and it's one of those things that someone might casually mention they know how to do even after you've known them for years (in contrast to guitar people, who will probably let you know they play the guitar within hours of meeting you). Piano people just excel at everything they do, so good for you if this is your preferred instrument to play.

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Brass Instruments

Apologies for grouping all these instruments together into one, but you guys are so chill that you're probably okay with it. Brass instrument people just do their own thing, and they can also tend to be the jokesters of the music section. It's not hard to imagine why, after all, a lot of these instruments require standing in order to play and are some of the loudest options out there. At the same time, the bulky nature of brass instruments also means you have to be bold and brave enough to handle them while playing, and that's something worth bragging about.


Of course, this list is not all-encompassing. There are so many instruments out there, and not everyone that plays each one necessarily exhibits the characteristics listed above. You can be a shy violin player, a lazy piano player or any other personality combination in the worldjust remember how great it is that you can play an instrument at all!


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