What Does the 😭 Emoji Mean?

The "loudly crying" emoji 😭 can speak to a thousand different situations—especially since it can be used both unironically and ironically.

What the 😭 loudly crying face emoji means in texting

What 😭 Means

Given its versatility, this unique emoji can be a little confusing to comprehend. We've laid a few potential meanings for you here:

  • Crying uncontrollably
  • Anxiety
  • Sadness
  • Empathy
  • Something that's extremely hard to handle or deal with
  • Laughter (laughing so hard you cry)
  • Embarrassment
  • Pain
  • Being upset
  • Throwing a tantrum


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😭 From a Crush

Just because it's coming from your crush (whether they're a guy or a girl) doesn't mean that this emoji's use becomes any clearer without a bit of context. If they're upset or going through something, they might just be using it to express their frustration. However, if the tone of your texts is lighthearted and you're trying to be funny, take 😭 as a sign that they're cracking up at you so hard that you have them in tears.


Understanding what it means will depend mainly on context, as some people will use it when throwing some self pit, while others will mean it when they're actually really upset about something. It's also quite different from another distressed emoji, 😫. Click HERE to learn all about the meaning of that one.