What Does the πŸ™Œ Emoji Mean?

There are plenty of hand gesture-related emojis out there, each one with a different meaning or application. For example πŸ™Œ.

What πŸ™Œ person raising both hands in celebration emoji means

What πŸ™Œ Means

This emoji has a particularly positive range of meanings, as it can be used when conveying:

  • Joy
  • Celebration
  • Pride
  • Surprise
  • Gratefulness
  • Optimism

It can be interpreted as either hands in the air celebrating or a high-five between two people, and it's often used after some good news has been announced, when you're telling someone about something worthy of being celebrated or you're just really excited about or looking forward to something. It's a great emoji to sneak into a text to your friend when your crush finally asks you out, to your parent after you've aced your latest exam or even to let everyone know that you got into your dream collegeβ€”the opportunities really are virtually endless.


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πŸ™Œ From a Crush

While the πŸ™Œ emoji from your crush doesn't necessarily mean that there'sΒ zeroΒ chance they're interested, do keep in mind that it's more friendly than romantic in pretty much any context. If your crush texts you this emoji, chances are that they're expressing gratitude or teamwork and think you're a good friend, no flirtation intended.


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